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And they say that a hero can save us...

++ Richard Armitage has recorded an audiobook of his favorite collection love poems which you can download for free from The deal will last until the beginning of March, which is pretty sweet. Never mind the sweeter aspect of hearing Richard read love poems to you. ♥

++ Jon Stewart is retiring from The Daily Show. I'm heartbroken. I knew he wasn't going to be hosting forever and it was inevitable he would be leaving at some point, but it still makes me sad that he will leaving this year. And with Craig Ferguson and Stephen Colbert having already left their shows, it seems too soon. Certainly an end of an era. However, that shouldn't mean we don't have to be excited for the next era of TDS, which I'm with everyone else in the opinion that Jessica Williams should host. We need someone who can be the voice of reason, who can provide much needed humor and sarcasm to comment on shitty world politics, and I have enjoyed what Jessica Williams brings to her segments on the show.

++ I have no strong feelings regarding the news about Spiderman joining the MCU, especially since it was rumored a while ago that this may happen. The only thing I will say is this: with already three franchises, two reboots and five (soon six) films overall in a span of over ten years, it does seem a tad excessive. There are other superhero (and superheroine) origin stories they could bring forth instead of recycling the same one over and over again. Indeed there are many ways of telling and adapting the story, and it would be amazing to have Miles Morales or a non-white Peter Parker to be the new Spiderman, but I'm not holding my breath on that. And it does seem rather strange that they pushed back the premieres for Black Panther and Captain Marvel in favor of this decision. I don't know, I just feel like we needed someone new, someone else with an origin story that we're not familiar with to get their own franchise. Also, if they can push back other pre-planned Marvel films to make way for this, then they should have no excuse for not planning a Black Widow film and doing the same thing. Just saying.
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