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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

I was introduced to Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries by a few recommendations through Tumblr. It took a while to get the first season, but once it came I now understand why people love it. It is absolutely delightful.

Phryne Fisher is the kind of character that everyone should want to aspire to be growing up. Even Veronica Mars would totally idolize her. Just everything about her makes me want to become her. From her personality to the fabulous way she dresses, she is intelligent, confident, savvy, comfortable in her sexuality, keen on solving mysteries despite the odds being against her, but she isn't without her vulnerabilities, but even those don't slow her down. She also becomes a surrogate mother/caretaker since she basically ends up adopting two young girls and acquiring a maid who ends up becoming her most trusted companion in helping her solve crimes. Her relationship with the people in her life is also admirable, including detective inspector Jack Robinson, who she has fun playfully tormenting and flirting with. I mean seriously, the UST between them is quite a bonus that I didn't expect when watching it. It's a slow burn, but it's so worth it. I mean for goodness sakes, there's a moment where he kisses her by means of a distraction from a tense stakeout. Like, that's something you read in fanfiction. It's why such a trope in fanfiction exists and is so popular.

By the end of the season you're pretty much wanting to push them faces together and go "NOW KISS! FOR REAL! MAKE-OUT LIKE MAD!" (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Obviously it doesn't happen because Jack was married for most of the season until he got divorced towards the end, but still. It's one of those things, like Abbie/Ichabod from Sleepy Hollow, where you don't really care you want them to be having smoochies and sexytimes now.

And then there's Dot, who is the sweetest most adorable thing ever. Seeing the kind of development she goes through, from the timid girl who was afraid of using the telephone to becoming Phryne's brave sleuth companion. She really comes into her own and it's beautiful to witness that kind of growth. Also, the development between her and Hugh's relationship is just as cute. Even some of the obstacles that they have to face make it all worthwhile seeing how they get closer and closer together. I also love how both Phryne and Jack are kind of shippers in a sense, hoping that these two crazy kids work out. It's just all adorable. (◕ω◕✿)

The mysteries of the week are actually entertaining and enjoyable, and the bigger plot surrounding what happened to her sister which becomes a huge thing towards the end of the season, especially those last two episodes that had me on the edge of my seat. Seriously, it got creepy and it was awesome. The aesthetics of the show are beautiful, from the music and mood to the costumes and sets, and I just love the entire cast. They work so well with each other.

In short, I highly recommend Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. This Australian drama is simply delightful in every single way. It'll be a while before I can watch the second season, but I heard that they just wrapped filming for the third and it makes me excited that there will be even more material. If I have enough time I may get into the books. Overall, I am glad to have been introduced to this amazing show.
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