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Pretty Little Liars: "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.18 "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me"

Holbrook returns and is suspended from the force. The girls are visited by an old friend of Mona's, Hanna discovers a clue that Mona had left behind to further their suspicions about what happened to Bethany Young. They also discover that Mike has been visiting Alison in prison and that there may be something else which may link him to what has been happening.

Bethany Young and "A"

For the record, I don't think Mike is "A" or even the one who killed Mona.

I do, however, think there's more than meets the eye. I think that him going to visit Alison isn't merely to get closure. Based on what was told from this episode, the last time Mike saw and spoke with Mona didn't really end well. That is, of course, if we're to believe the new girl is a reliable source. Perhaps there was an argument, maybe he found something out. We don't know to what extent Mike knew or understood about Mona's involvement with things, especially with planning and plotting with getting rid of Alison. Maybe he found something out and need clarification, something that Mona wouldn't tell him. So his last moment with her could read as something violent, especially considering his mental history.

As for visiting Alison, whoever he's been in contact with or whatever is happening outside of their knowledge, it's definitely not something that is "A" related, but surely something of that scale.

In regards to Bethany Young, we still don't know enough information. We don't know who she was referring to on that recording. Most of what I got from before was that the relationship between herself and Jessica DiLaurentis was quite strained. The drawing Bethany did was of Jessica, not of Alison. We still don't know her actual relationship was with Alison, if at all. I have my own theories, but that's neither here nor there.

Things I liked about this episode:

++ Mona flashbacks are what I live for, besides having Alison scenes which unfortunately we were deprived of yet again. I kind of like that we see the curtain pulled back to when it was just Mona and Hanna and their friendship, and Hanna remembering things now in hindsight of everything that has happened. I especially liked this particular one because Mona talked about the stopwatch, which is also something I've often thought about to; to stop time, to do whatever you wanted, and switching up the rules so you never aged but everyone else did. It's something I think we all think about, what would we do, what could we do, what magical invention could make all of that happen. It presents both a normal conversation but also some insight to how Mona thought and how it explained so much about her character. When she goes into her rant about Alison later in another flashback scene it also reveals a lot about her internal anger and rage. It's something I want to explore more in the future with more flashbacks.

++ Hanna's speech to Holbrook. "You're not the victim here! You're the grown up police officer, she's just a girl!" Not just for calling him out, but for stating the very thing that has been present throughout the entire series re: adult men taking advantage of teenage girls and thinking they can get away with it. Now if only that applied to Ezra, as well....

++ I'm apprehensive about the guy, but I have to admit that invention is pretty cool. I like science-like things like that.

Things I didn't like:

++ At this point I just don't care about any of the new romances that may potentially happen. Would it kill the show to allow the girls to be single for a moment? Not every break between the main couples has to be filled with flings. We all know it'll never work out anyway because it is just that, a filler to add unnecessary drama to distract us from the lack of anything that is currently happening in forwarding the plot along.

++ I don't trust the new girl that came into town. I have a feeling that she may be involved somehow, and may have been the Black Hoodie at the end.

++ Was it just me, or did Mike and Holbrook have the same exact haircut? It kind of weirded me out.

Overall: Again another filler. We did learn a few things, but we'll probably have to wait a few more episodes before anything is done with them. I'm just not that thrilled with 5B as much as I was with 5A, and I think it's the lack of Alison and anything interesting happening. Alison and Mona were surefire reasons for anything exciting to happen, plot-wise.
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