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VMars: "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang" Episode Review

Veronica Mars Is Back In Business!

Persnickety Veronica is back in the game of her private investigating skills! There wasn't any doubt she would abandon that lifestyle that she'd grown so comforably accustomed to, which from the beginning of this season there's this feeling that Veronica didn't want to return to that kind of a life. Fortunately, she still has some tricks up her sleeve that are useful with the conspiracy that's happening around Neptune. And is it strange that I find it adorable that she's befriended (or at least civil to) Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas?

Wallace and Veronica are TOTAL BFFs it's making my heart ache from all the affectionate friendship and that I don't have my own Wallace in RL. Much love for Keith Mars, and Veronica loves unicorns! :D Hee!

Veronica and her trusty camera = OTP. (Hee! The camera is back in business with her, too!)

The Plot: Gold-Digging Laker!Cordelia and Sekkrit Haaron Red-Herring

Quite unusually do I start liking a continuing plothole before knowing all the details, but I'm beginning to enjoy this "The Higher They Are, The Harder They'll Fall" situation that's happening in Neptune. The Casablancas family is getting screwed over, Kendall is probably behind something more sinister than just being the bimboish trophy wife and having a playmate affair with Logan. Farfetched as it sounds, it's just like Veronica said -- nothing happens accidently in Neptune. I liked that Veronica and Kendall were all casual with each other in the gym -- and Veronica saying that Miss Charisma Kendall had a great ass. Hee!

I'm actually wondering about the Kane family and their handling everything, via money-wise and reputation-wise. The last time we saw Jake Kane, he was screaming at Aaron after finding out that he'd murdered his daughter. Hmmm....

Concerning the David Curley WhatsHisName connection with the bus crash incident and for wanting Veronica dead, this mystery is really a doozy. Dude, Aaron Echolls still haunts Veronica even from behind bars! Although, knowing Rob Thomas, he's probably leading us to believe it was Aaron's plot to payoff this man to intentionally have the bus sabotaged which would've killed Veronica and all the other students. It would be logical, in that sense. However the case, there's something fishy about this possible revealed information. I'll get into speculations later, although it could be a copycat (with the description of the movie Aaron and David were in together, it sounds like a fanatic imitating their favorite scene from a movie, and possibly with a grudge against either Veronica or other 09ers on that bus).

Oi! I love this show, it's twisted plotlines are marvelously and brilliantly done -- but I dislike the fact that Rob Thomas is leaving a cliffhanger and meddling with our minds to figuring it out! Man, you're killing us; throw a freaking bone or something, c'mon!

The Relationships: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Alicia has a mysteryman following her now, which I find interesting. Possible ex-husband or ex-lover? Wallace's biological father that Alicia's been hiding from him due to something she did many moons ago? I think I have the answer: She's really a domimatrix that's escaped that secret lifestyle because of a criminal act and has been on the run, being chased by either a former client or an actual detective/cop/federal agent.

More minor character storylines, yay! :D

It's official. I LOATHE Jackie. I knew from the beginning since she had that lame New Yorker attitude problem, which is easily a turnoff for me -- especially for a first impression. However, when she started dissing Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice, that sealed my hatred for the character. Seriously, that's not cool. No wonder she got kicked out of multiple schools, for she has no appreciation for literature. Even with rambling on and on about Colin Firth didn't redeem her. Then, she has the NERVE to be playing Wallace behind his back, in front of Veronica and acting so casual and flaunting it in her face. Oh honey, you don't know Veronica or what she's capable of doing to you. She'll have her foot so far up your ass you'll be eating toenails for dinner.

I seriously think Jackie has some form of multiple personalities, or is really just an all-around bitch. Either way, I'm with Veronica and that jealousy issue. Don't you just find Veronica's overprotectiveness of Wallace so freaking adorable? While I'm fuming over Jackie the Player, my heart warms up as Veronica is so concerned over Wallace's behalf. Though I have a feeling there will be friendship troubles if Veronica intervenes too far.....Eeep!

Logan and Duncan fistfighting over their loss of friendship instead of Veronica, simply priceless. I felt that it would've been too cliche to have them both in an argument over Veronica. Poor Logan, he's so numb and has lost everything that he must sacrifice himself to having a playmate of Laker!Kendall. The confrontation between him and Veronica was nearby painful, meaning it was an awesome scene, not dreadful in itself.

Aww, Veronica and Cassidy. Am I the only one that thinks they're so adorable in each scene they're together? Because really, as an alternative OTP I think this one is starting to beam up in my OTP Special Scale.

Poor Cassidy's such a woobie, though. He tries to do the right thing by exposing to his father that Kendall is a gold-digger and saving his family's reputation, but it only makes matters worse. He really is a sweet but simple boy. And his father doesn't even acknowledge him, at all! Aww, poor ickle Cassidy. *pets him*

Question: Where the hell is Mac? Or Backup? Hell, Weevil was hardly present in this episode! I want more reoccurrances from former minor characters, gorrammit!

Overall: I LOVED this episode! Veronica is back in her P.I. comfortableness and her snark never fails to bring a smile to my face. The many complicated plotlines were coming out left and right, making my brain nearing s'plode from the impaling of information that might be critical to future episodes. Which is why I downloaded it, but that's beside the point. Still love Logan, but I love the Duncan/Veronica relationship and all it's snuggly glory. Jackie's the high-class of bitchiness, Wallace is still the BFF like whoa, Keith and Alicia are too cute together, more Lamb VS Veronica action, ahoy! Love this show. Love, love, love it.

Hee, my show is officially back!
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