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My anaconda don't want none.

++ multi-fandom friending meme

++ For those who watch Agent Carter, you know that Peggy beats up men quite a bit. Hayley Atwell has even tweeted apologies to the stunt men who she has accidentally hurt during their fighting scenes. She even made a tweet about listening to/having Nicki Minaj playing in her head while in preparation for those scenes. Well, some brilliant individual has decided to make a brief fanvid (which Hayley retweeted!) to that very song with a compilation of her various fight moments from the show. And it is absolutely glorious.

++ With the new Age of Ultron trailer that was released a few days ago, there has been some talk about what was seen. Some of the shots look absolutely amazing and will no doubt look even more impressive on the big screen, and I'm curious what the film is going to do with Natasha. Obviously we're going to be seeing the Red Room and seeing more of her backstory which I'm pretty excited about, and I've seen some concern with what this trailer shows that there might be something between Bruce and Natasha, but I'm taking that with a grain of salt since people were also worried about Natasha and Steve being a thing in Winter Soldier and that was proven to be false. Honestly, with trailers anything is for speculation. Either way I'm anxiously waiting until the film comes out.
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