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I am a Queen, not a butcher.

Despite my feelings about the show, the trailers continue to make it far more appealing. Kudos to the editing, the music, the focusing of Dany and the dragons. It entices me more than what will probably come out from the season itself.

I will admit to being mildly curious as what they're intending on doing with certain storylines since they're going ahead of the books (not that it means much considering the choices they've made previously with other things). Honestly, I'm more curious about Dany's storyline with her meeting up with Tyrion (which hasn't happened yet), what will happen with Jorah (most speculate he will die) and what will be included from A Dance With Dragons, and whether she will be riding Drogon by the end of the season or not. He has grown much bigger, almost Smaug-size. I'm just hoping they don't include Aegon. If they're not including major players like Lady Stoneheart or Arianne Martell into the show they shouldn't include him, either, otherwise I'm going to be even more bitterly pissed.
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