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Pretty Little Liars: "The Melody Lingers On" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.23 "The Melody Lingers On"

Alison's trial begins, leading to the stress and worries about what could be twisted or revealed to harm her (and later Hanna's) case, and even others around them that their dirty laundry will be aired out during the trial. The girls investigate what Mona could have left behind that could give them something to prove Alison's innocence.

"The Truth Will Set You Free..."

Alison should have had Annalise Keaton as her defense lawyer.

I'm fascinated by courtrooms and trials. I'm fascinated with the way things are operated, how the justice system works (either succeeds or fails, sometimes rather unfairly in a frustrating way) and the way prosecutors and defense attorneys will fight dirty in order to win their case, no matter what. This episode was dedicated to seeing Alison's trail begin, and also the kinds of things that will be brought up. The girls have spun so many lies and stories that even if they were to finally tell the truth, nobody would believe them. And it's not just them that will be affected, either, as this episode demonstrated by bringing up the one-stand between Jason and Ashley Marin, which is twisted to convince the jury that Jason was manipulated to defend his sister who he had previously told police she might have been guilty.

It really does make you question how they're going to get out of this. Unless Alison is acquitted and both she and Hanna are released, pretty much everything is stacked against them.

Perhaps Mike could testify in regards to what Mona was planning, or Cyrus could testify (unless "A" got to him first), or the off-chance that Mona really did pull a Gone Girl and will surprise everyone and return alive and well, thus her plan worked efficiently as predicted, possibly in exposing "A" in making everyone believe she was really dead, Mike included. But that would be highly doubtful, especially considering now that Hanna has been arrested and she wouldn't do anything to place her in harm's way.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ The beginnings of the trial. As frustrating as it is with Alison being framed for something she didn't commit and having her lies and stories come back at her, I like how the girls are facing the harsh reality when their lies are used against them, and how even telling the truth could have harsher consequences for everyone and not just them. Also? I like that we're getting new locations to be in. The prison, the courthouse.

++ Emily and Alison phone call. ♥

++ Spencer defying her mother. I know that she was just trying to protect her daughter, but when Spencer has her mind made up there is no changing it.

++ Hanna, Ashley and Alison telling their loved ones to leave for their own safety.

++ I especially loved how Hanna basically loves her mother no matter what, and even though Ashley might not be the perfect mother when it comes to certain decisions and choices, Hanna loves her regardless. Her wanting all of her mother's qualities, flaws and all, was super sweet and adorable. They have such a strong mother-daughter bond it's admirable.

++ Jason believing in Alison from the beginning, and Jason calling Spencer out when they initially barricaded Alison from leaving.

++ Alison further acknowledging that while she didn't kill Mona, she is still guilty of having done things from the past. My poor baby. I hope that when all this is over with she and the girls can start off on a clean slate with each other.

Things I didn't like:

++ I really want to know the truth about who was in the barrel. They assume that it was Mona, but there is no proof confirming that. We have only two more episodes and I'm wondering if it'll ever be revealed.

++ I'm not really understanding the whole Andrew situation. Is he involved or not?

Overall: I really enjoyed this episode. Things are getting rather interesting, with the trial and getting closer to the season finale. There is still much left to answer, but first we must figure out who this Big "A" is and whether Alison and Hanna are going to be found innocent.
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