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Pretty Little Liars: "I'm A Good Girl, I Am" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 5.24 "I'm A Good Girl, I Am"

In desperation, the girls try everything they can to prove Alison's innocence. Mike becomes a recent target of "A" after attempting to go back to Rosewood to testify and tell the truth. As the jury gives their final verdict in finding Alison guilty of murder, the rest of the girls are arrested.

Rosewood: Truth And Injustice

Well. Shit got real quicker than I expected.

I'm actually quite surprised by the outcome of events. For some reason I thought that somehow Alison would end up getting acquitted, and perhaps someone else might've been arrested and tried in her place, because that's how "A" likes to play with their victims. But not only was Alison found guilty of a murder she didn't commit, but Spencer, Aria and Emily were also arrested in the same vein as Hanna for being supposed accomplices. This is something that "A" would've wanted all along, taking down Alison and the girls with her.

Granted it's not all "A". Obviously the purpose of a trial is to prove whether one is guilty or innocent, and when there is so much strong evidence highlighting the horrible incident of the past and history it doesn't matter how much one can fabricate to show the jury the positive side. It's harder when you have someone like Alison who did things she's not proud of and cannot remember doing until it's brought up in court. Alison isn't entirely innocent in the things she did in the past, but it's one of the things that cases rely on to prove without a doubt whether someone is innocent or guilty, and sometimes it doesn't even matter if it's in relation to the crime at hand. When passing this information to a jury they are the ones to decide your fact. When Alison's defense lawyer tried to prove that Alison wasn't capable of murder, the prosecution then turned it around to prove that Alison has achieved high marks in archery, and while "A" boasted about this to the girls, clearly showing that they had a handle in searching for this evidence for the prosecution to use against her in court, it definitely knocks the defense to the ground. It doesn't matter whether Alison remembered that she manipulated someone to cheat for her during that time she won that award. The jury will believe the strongest case presented to them with the most hard hitting evidence. Essentially, no matter what she was going to be screwed.

(And let's not forget that the girls are also partially responsible, as well; they planted the evidence for the police to find to arrest Alison, not that it would've helped if they hadn't since "A" has been wanting this plan to take action, but they certainly aided in that respect.)

And here's the kicker, everyone wants to tell the truth -- wants to tell about "A", about the anonymous threats, everything -- but we've seen what the attempts of this leads to, and even if they all did decide to come forward now it would be too late. They have no hardcore proof, and even so they would be questioned, like how Caleb was after taking a picture proving that Mike had been beaten and assaulted.

There is no escape, and that's the scariest thing. When all the secrets and lies get jumbled up together in such a convoluted way that even if the truth was told there is no way anyone would believe them. Caleb getting frustrated was the realest thing I've seen because it's what we, the audience, have been feeling for a while now. Rosewood being incompetent, the fact that even presenting hardcore proof of something isn't likely to be believed or taken seriously by police. It adds to the helplessness of the situation for them all.

How exactly will they get out of this one? I mean, I can only think that perhaps Spencer might get out on bail because of her family connections, but even that is a stretch considering the serious nature of the crime. And I guess the girls can kiss their college dreams goodbye because of this, as well.

Basically, this turn of events intrigues me. Who would have thought that this show started out with just the girls getting anonymous texts unveiling their secrets to them being framed for murder? This is the show that I love, this is the kind of stuff that I want the show to continuously focus on because this kind of plot is what keeps the audience intrigued, not who-is-doing-who in the romance department.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Sara Shepard, the author of the Pretty Little Liars books, making another cameo appearance on the show. I basically laughed because it's like, well of course she would. Though the whole news segment at the beginning of the episode felt off somehow, because it's basically trying to suggest that Alison's trial is not just a local event but a nationwide one. I don't usually get that vibe from the show since we hardly go outside of Rosewood that much to see what other people think about the whole Alison DiLaurentis situation, even from when she had disappeared. But that's neither here nor there.

++ I really liked how the episode was structured, shown that it was a race against time and the girls basically grasping for straws to get anything they could, but ultimately they were too late and basically couldn't have done anything to prevent this case from going in the direction it did, and for their fates to be sealed as well.

++ Caleb speaking the truth in regards to the Rosewood police, and the town in general. He was basically speaking on behalf of everyone who watches the show. But at the same time, we know where the truth will lead them. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation at this point, which is depressing to think about.

++ Ella Montgomery! You finally make an appearance after such a long absence. ♥

++ Sasha continues to knock everything out of the park. Her performance, especially once hearing her verdict and seeing her crying as she is being handcuffed to be taken back to prison hurt my heart so much. I just love Alison, okay? Her character has been my favorite thing about this season.

Things I didn't like:

++ Suddenly Ezra is the "voice of reason"? Really? He stalked and spied on underage girl and suddenly he's the go-to person for morality and good decisions? (No, I will never get over it because the show refuses to acknowledge these horrible deeds and attempts to make him into a good person when he's clearly not, but whatever.)

++ Especially when they present most of the male characters, like Andrew, as being untrustworthy massive creeps. Who is skeeving me out, tbh.

++ So I'm positive that Andrew and Leslie, the girl who was supposedly Mona's friend, aren't "A" but are messengers or pawns for "A". But honestly I have no idea what the show is intending them to be. If I speculate now then it will most likely be Jossed by the time the season finale comes around. So unless it gets resolved by the finale I'll wait until after the season is finished to make my final conclusions on that front.

++ Tanner frustrates me. I know that the intimidation level of detectives are supposed to be that way, but there is a certain smugness whenever she is talking to any of the characters, as if she knows more than she's letting on, grates me for some reason. Again, I know we're supposed to feel that way as a sense of hopelessness as the characters. But still.

++ I'm glad the whole Toby being a cop storyline is over. I didn't like it at all.

Overall: I'm fascinated and intrigued where this is all going. Shit hit the fan this episode and with the season finale next week, it makes me anxious to how this may be resolved, or if it'll end on a cliffhanger, and the unveiling of who Big "A" is (somehow my suspicions have been on Lucas, I don't know why but someone from the cast said that it'll all make sense when looking back throughout the seasons, and we haven't seen Lucas since the episode were Mona was murdered, which doesn't say much because most recurring secondary characters disappear for periods of times due to actor availability, but it's just one theory I have amongst the thousands of other possibilities).

The show has been renewed for two more seasons, so I'm hoping that these are it and that the story will be resolved within that time. Furthermore, I'm hoping that the girls are out of high school once the show finally ends. Just saying.
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