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Apparently this short film has gotten the possibility of a future feature film deal. There is no word on whether Adelaide Kane will be featured in it, though. She was incredible in this and I want her to be involved if it does end up happening.

Online short films have become a thing in recent years which allows people to present their story concepts for people to see, or just want to create something fun, like the latest buzz with the fan film Power/Rangers starring Katee Sackhoff and James van der Beek. Short films getting noticed and possibly getting a movie deal is quite a huge step for many creators, which is the essential part of why some short films are made in the first place. Realm has quite potential of becoming a fantastic Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque story about a girl with a particular gift battling demons, both otherworldly and personal. Though it makes you wonder how well it could translate as a feature film. I want more stories with girl protagonists that are similar to characters like Buffy Summers, but I want it done right. This short shows us that potential of something wonderful, and in the right hands it can be. And if it doesn't happen in that medium, then I would hope for something like a limited series or a webseries.
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