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Mulder, it's me.

++ The X-Files is returning for a six-episode miniseries run, with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny back as Mulder and Scully. While I never got into the show while it aired, probably only watched a few scattered episodes here and there along with the 1998 movie when it came out, I definitely understand the pop culture influence and the importance it held for many people. So this news is quite exciting as the fandom is being revived, as I've seen so much stuff popping up more than usual on my Tumblr dash, from all the various memes and whatnot. Also, watching and listening to that David Duchovny song that was created way back when was an experience in itself (oh, 90s nostalgia).

++ Also: Every Argument About Buffy On The Internet, From 1998 Until Now.

Granted this isn't every single argument since I know there have been dozens of wanks and flamewars involved, but otherwise yeah, that is scarily accurate. It's interesting because I wasn't that involved with the BTVS online fandom until after the show ended (which was when I created my LJ), so I wasn't aware of most of the heated debates and arguments that happened throughout on different forums and other places on the Internet since the beginning. It's fascinating, really, seeing that even some remnants of these same arguments have continued on even after all this time, rehashed by old fans and newbies alike. Most of these debates will probably never die. But hey, that is life of being in fandom, for better or worse.
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