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Just some food for thought.

I always found it interesting that Harry Potter fans are well aware how flawed, archaic and damaging the Hogwarts Housing system is, as there's been plenty of discussions/essays/metas about how no House defines who you are, and yet for some reason the fandom itself becomes so intensely focused about which House they belong to. We take it so seriously that it actually becomes part of critical debate when deciding which fictional character from other fandoms gets sorted into which House, even more so then for ourselves.

It's similar to horoscopes, in a way. Most people know horoscopes are bullshit because the descriptions are so incredibly generic it could mean anything for anyone regardless what sign you looked at, and yet whenever we come across them we cannot help ourselves from looking at the description for our particular sign and when we see something that we personally agree and associate with, there's a little sense of validation and being like, "yeah, that is so me."

Just a random observation that I found fascinating, is all.
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