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The Grace Helbig Show: Series Premiere Review

YouTube comedian Grace Helbig made her television debut last night on E! with The Grace Helbig Show. Aside from being featured on television before like in various commercials to guest-hosting segments on Attack of the Show and appearances on @Midnight, this will be her first ever job hosting her own television show. Something she's actually talked/considered/dreamed about doing for years.


Obviously as a fan I'm going to be incredibly biased in my opinion. So it should be no surprise in that I thought it was absolutely delightfully charming. She has mentioned in the process of creation it would be the kind of show she would watch, and thus it's a combination of being a talk show + scripted comedy + her Internet personality all rolled into one. It's also something her fans can appreciate with all the little nudges and inside jokes. The show reminds me a bit like her podcast in a way, just less random and more scripted, which does have random moments of course. It has other YouTube personalities coming into the fold such as Flula and her BFF Mamrie Hart (who, judging from the previews, will be featured a lot on her new show), along with some other surprises like a mention/audio of her brother, who has been featured on her online videos before and has his own YouTube channel himself. I like that she's giving exposure for some other YT/Internet people, and is also inclusive of the fans as well, which is something she's always done in her various projects with asking for suggestions or questions from her fans and audience to have them feel more included and part of the experience. So it was nice seeing that on the show, too. Basically, it's just Grace still being herself, just fitted for television. A Grace-sized half-hour television show. What could be better?

I think my main concern is mostly for the non-Internet audience and how they will respond, because not everyone will be familiar or understand her sense of humor and the style of comedy she is presenting on her show. It's indeed kind of quirky and awkward in a self-deprecating kind of way, and traditional media in general hasn't really responded too kindly with the online and digital community amongst their turf. Granted, E! is not your traditional kind of network, since it does have things like The Soup and other scripted "reality"-type series, so you never know.

Regardless, my overall opinion? I consider the debut a success. You nailed it, Grace! Brava! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

It kind of fills me with a sense of pride? Does that sound strange? Because I hardly know Grace personally, but I've seen her grow on YouTube and on the Internet for a long time and all that she's accomplished, and now with her own television show that just premiered it's kind of surreal in a way. She's basically achieving her goals at a rapid pace within these last couple of years that she's been working towards since the start of her career from making YouTube videos, from writing her book to being and starring in her own created content -- I don't know, it makes me so proud and it gives me all of the emotions and I don't know how to articulate my feelings proper. All the feels! Feels, I has them.

I'm hoping the show does well, and regardless what happens Grace not only has a loyal fanbase supporting her, she is also quite a smart and successful businesswoman on the rise to greater things and this is just another step towards more amazing projects and opportunities in her future. ♥ ♥ ♥

The Grace Helbig Show airs on Fridays at 10:30pm after The Soup on E!, and you can watch her YouTube channel to see her other content, including the recent one she has uploaded where you can see the actual behind the scenes from and about the show itself (and her other daily life shenanigans). Just, ah! I'm so happy and proud of her!
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