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The Force is strong in my family...

++ The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer was released and everyone has been losing their shit, and rightfully so. For a teaser trailer, it does everything right to entice people and bring them back into the fold of this universe. The music cue, the voiceover, the specific shots used, especially the last one with Han Solo and Chewie back on our screens. It's short enough to not give anything away, but just enough to give that proper fanservice the fans deserve. I'm not even the big Star Wars fan in the family (that would be my sister), and yet this teaser definitely brought the nostalgia. I remember when the prequels came out and the level of hype and excitement that came with it, along with the disappointment that came afterwards from them. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that this won't be the case for this film.

++ Adorable Emilia Clarke interview. She's such a darling. ♥

++ Previously I had talked about a webseries that I had really liked called Side Effects. Apparently, yesterday E! aired the entire thing as a full-length movie on television, including the third season which apparently was released today online (I don't question that logic, since they did edit down a lot). Regardless, here on my thoughts on the conclusion of the musical webseries.

Side Effects, Season 3 (the final season)

In a way I shouldn't be surprised that the father ended up not being alive after all, but it's still depressing all the same. The kids are basically orphans now. But I did like that they finally know the truth about what happened to him, that he never abandoned them, and he was making his way back to them when he met his unfortunate demise. The entire series wasn't necessarily about him, but about his kids who were all struggling with themselves and their issues. Whitney took anti-depressants which caused musical hallucinations to help cope and deal with her problems, but by the end she didn't need them anymore. I liked that parallel between the beginning and the end when she needed the pills, and the last shot of her pouring the pills down the drain and then suddenly the music/singing stopped. She realized that everything was going to be fine, her family was going to be fine, and that she was going to be fine. It was a nice bookend.

In the end, even before the news about what happened to their father they were ready to make the best out of a shitty situation; they were selling their belongings and ready to move out of their house (which they were going to get evicted anyway) and start anew. The news about what happened to their dad hit them hard, especially after all the anger and blame that occurred with trying to find him and thinking he had ran off and forgotten about them. But in the end, despite tragic circumstances, they found a way of forgiving him, of remembering the good times, and of moving on.

Music-wise, I loved the opening music sequence along with the rendition of "Roar", where all of them are wearing superhero outfits and laying the smackdown against the mean girls. Amazing.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable webseries. If anyone wants to see it you can go to AwesomenessTV and view the entire thing.
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