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++ I didn't watch the White House Correspondent's Dinner that happened a few nights ago, however I caught up on some of the highlights that happened at the event. I'm not generally familiar with what usually occurs during a WHCD, though based on what I saw through recaps of this particular one I did like the combination of using comedy on making (brutally honest) commentary on a wide variety of political and world issues, both ridiculous and important. It also makes me realize how much I'm going to miss Obama and how nervous I am about the upcoming election.

++ Orphan Black, 3.01 & 3.02

I'm intrigued by the Castor clones, mostly because of their relationship with each other, and also what they're being used for. Granted so far everything surrounding them has made them quite psychotic, and it's kind of disturbing with the way they operate, but I would like to believe that at least one of them would separate from the group and try to become an individual versus a hiveminded brotherhood, in a sense.

I'm worried for Helena, but at the same time I know that she's a survivor, and I like that Sarah is doing everything she can to locate and save her. That character development from her not wanting anything to do with Helena from the first season to basically being on a mission to rescue her sister from Castor is just amazing, and I love her worry and dedication to doing so. I also love that Helena doesn't believe the lie that Sarah sold her out. There is no way in hell that she would believe such a thing, not after everything that they've been through together. I'm also curious about the scorpion hallucination; obviously it's kind of a coping mechanism, I think? Either way, it's entertaining ("Silence, insect!") and I like how you can tell it's also Tatiana proving the voice of it, lol. I also liked her dream sequence in the beginning of the season premiere, getting a look into her mind a bit, and seeing how she views all her sestras and being surrounded with the happy family environment that she rightfully deserves. It's why I hope that Helena comes out of this okay, because she needs that happy ending, dammit.

(Also, can we talk about how Tatiana actually got herself waterboarded for that one scene in the second episode? jfc girl, when it comes to acting she goes hardcore.)

I'm wondering how long Cal and Kira will be gone, probably for a few episodes. I mean Sarah does have other priorities at the moment and wants her little girl to be safe, but I have a feeling that Kira will become important later on. Plus, I want to see her and Helena reunited.

Delphine becoming colder and more hardcore is interesting to me, as well.

It's only been two episodes, and while I do agree that it's become kind of complicated with so much stuff happening and being introduced, it's still engaging to me. I'm still invested with what is happening to the characters and their relationships with each other. And I cannot wait to see where all of this goes.

++ I watched Godzilla (2014) recently, and I actually really enjoyed it. Though it's unsurprising considering what happens in the movie itself, with Godzilla being more of the anti-hero who basically arises from the depths of the ocean because two other radioactive monsters were talking shit and just wants to get rid of them so everything can be right with the universe. I just have a soft spot for monsters like that who don't mean any intentional harm and just want to be left alone, and will only intervene when the equilibrium is getting all fucked up. I mean, even though I also wish we could've seen more of the actual monster vs. monster battles instead of cutting away from them when they just got started (or when they were just ending), it was still interesting for what we got (and the radioactive breath scene was just fucking awesome). All in all, it was pretty damn cool. It kind of felt like a moment taken from the first five minutes of Pacific Rim, which I'm totally not complaining about. Also, while watching I found it funny that the actors who were the main couple in this film are playing the twin siblings in Age of Ultron. lol
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