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What happens to me if I fail your test?

++ Dark Matter is a new series that will be premiering on Syfy soon, and it's based off of comic books of the same name. I hadn't heard about this until recently, but from reading about the main plot along with watching the trailer, I'm intrigued already. The casting looks great (diversity yay, and Wil Wheaton also has a role in this as well) and I'm all in for more scifi thrillers and mysteries. I'm still sad about Helix, but if this series is good and does well then it can fill that particular void.

++ There's also going to be a new show on ABC Family called Stitchers. I have no idea what it's about, the previews themselves are incredibly vague to the actual plot, but all I know is that Allison Scagliotti is in it, and therefore I will be watching. ♥

++ I've been hearing a lot of good things about Ex Machina, an independent science fiction film that is about examining humanity with the creation of artificial intelligence. I'm pretty much all about anything involving A.I. and them becoming sentient beings, and by that I mean I get really emotional about it. Pretty much anything that has machines becoming individuals of their own and fighting for their independence from being enslaved or abused by humanity, I'm here for. I haven't gone any deeper than reading general non-spoiler reviews about it, but I'm intrigued since it's basically taking the similar concept as seen with these kinds of plots and themes and kind of doing something different with it. So I'm very curious to see how well this is executed and whether it lives up to the recommendations and praise.
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