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TV taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal.

Agent Carter has been renewed! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

There was a lot of hopeful attitudes that it would be getting a second season, but as I've mentioned before you just never know with what the networks are going to decide. So I'm very happy and relieved by the official announcement. Another lovely thing is that Hayley Atwell addresses the diversity problem as someone prompted at WonderCon recently, and surely hopes that her input to the writers and producers on the show will be taken into account for the second season. This is one of things I absolutely adore about her, she takes things into consideration and is down for particular ideas. Like Peggy being bisexual and acknowledging the lack of diversity representation, among just really understanding her character and being really smart about things in general. Overall, she's one amazing woman who I want love to just hang out with.

I'm not surprised that Agents of Shield was renewed, they're pretty much sealed in at this point with coinciding with the MCU. I am, however, kind of surprised that the Mockingbird spin-off wasn't picked up. Then again, as much as I would love to see their individual stories fleshed out, I prefer Bobbi and Hunter being part of the AOS ensemble.

Elementary, Galavant, Orphan Black and Fresh Off The Boat have all been renewed as well.

For things non-show related, apparently Lifetime has ordered a My Sweet Audrina adaptation. I'm not entirely thrilled by this. Not just because it's my second favorite book of VCA's works, but also because I watched their version of Flowers in the Attic when it premiered and it just...wasn't that good, and I haven't bothered watching the rest of the movies being made. They just don't feel right, like they're missing vital components to making these stories unnerving rather than just highlighting the trashy soap opera aspect that many people often associate with these books. The latter can probably be argued with content featured in the later works written by the ghostwriter surely, but not with VCA's earlier works which has much more darker themes and content. While I understand this is what Lifetime does and they're obviously banking on these series of movies, I honestly wish we would get adaptations that understood the Gothic tone of these books.
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