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Eat your heart out.

++ Here is another friending meme in preparation for summer.

++ First look at the third season of Hannibal, which all I have to say is Richard Armitage is going to be absolutely phenomenal as Francis Dolarhyde, I can already tell. I'm so happy that we got to see him in this preview, even just a glimpse, to getting a small taste on what to expect. From the tattoo to seeing just a tiny hint of what his mannerisms are going to be like, I'm super excited to see his performance as the Red Dragon. With everything else, I'm anticipating what they're creating for the third season. From what Bedelia and Hannibal's relationship will be like, to what appears to be a F/F relationship between Margot and Alana Bloom (!!!), and from the other trailers Abigail will be appearing (whether she's still hopefully alive or just a hallucination of Will's mind is still up for debate until the season begins, but still)! And I'm curious as to what will happen between Will and Hannibal, how their fucked up relationship is going to proceed. In short, I'm highly anticipating this season. We've waited quite patiently since the decision to move the air dates to the summer, so I'm hoping that it does well.

++ In going with that, I'm pretty much ready for all the summer shows to premiere. Not just with the returning ones like Hannibal, Defiance, Falling Skies (which I'm still like way behind on) and Orange Is The New Black, but the new ones such as Dark Matter, Sense8, Killjoys and Stitchers, and of course some others that I'm sure will cross my radar at some point. I'm also vaguely curious about Scream Queens, despite it being made by Ryan Murphy. Anyway, I'm stoked for this new program lineup, because lord knows I need more fandoms to get attached to. I mean, I still want to get into some other shows that people have been talking about for a while, like The 100. I've pretty much already fallen in love with certain characters (Raven, Clarke, Anya, Lexa) and I have yet to see a single episode, heh.
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