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++ A little belated, but here is another friending meme, specifically for women who love women. ♥ Also, sorry for being a little MIA lately, I just haven't been motivated enough to post something. I think Mad Max kind of took a lot of my energy (which I'm seeing again later today, btw), but I'm back in full swing now.

++ Congratulations to Ireland and Greenland for passing marriage equality!

I've been thinking about the progression of the marriage equality over the years, not just here in the States, but worldwide as well. I know it's always been debated, but I specifically remember when I first started hearing about it when I first joined this site, especially in 2004 in terms of the U.S. presidential election. The debate over gay marriage rose to an all time high then, people on this site were always in discussion about it, even leading to all the support banners and whatnot. But just looking at the timeline of how this progression has taken us, we've made such a huge difference just within the last fifteen years. Mind you, it's definitely not perfect, there are still many issues to deal with and rights to fight for (particularly when recognizing the different sexual identities out there that are constantly being ignored or erased, in society as well as within the LGBT+ community itself, and especially with the protection of anyone underneath the umbrella in general), but overall it's amazing seeing how far we've come. It's been a slow but steady progression of acceptance that just continues to grow as time goes on, and it's been phenomenal watching and having been part of this change. ♥ ♥ ♥

++ Lastly, I want to mention Hayley Atwell and Lyndsy Fonseca's panel at the St. Louis Comic Con last weekend (WHERE MY SISTER ACTUALLY GOT TO MEET HAYLEY TWICE OMG AJL;SDKFJL;ASDF SO JELLY). They're so adorable and most importantly, I just love hearing Hayley speak. She's so eloquent and it such a smart woman, I love what she has to say in regards to Peggy Carter and how she portrays her. I've gushed over her before, especially since she's all onboard with Peggy being bisexual and being an advocate for the show to be more racially representative, never mind that her Twitter is just the greatest thing ever. She's an adorable dork who I would love to just hang out and chat with, honestly. (◕‿◕✿)
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