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Pretty Little Liars Meme

Please note that some of these answers do contain spoilers for all seasons so far along with mild ones from the books.

01. Who is your favorite Liar?
When the show first started it was Hanna, but then it shifted to Spencer. I really love how she gets all investigative and her knack of wanting to solve the puzzles (even when she knows she shouldn't). Her storylines have been my favorite throughout the show, particular those that involve her clashing with her family. I love how not only resourceful and intelligent she is, but how competitive she can be. It's no surprise why she was considered to be part of the "A" Team, just watching her operate in her own field is fascinating and entertaining to watch. Not to mention her level of dry sarcasm and sass that comes out in pure Hastings fashion.

02. What is your favorite "A" message?
So many. I always looked forward to the different "A" messages, even the "A" segments before/during the end credits. It was always fun piecing together those clues.

03. What is your favorite friendship between the Liars?
All of them? Like, aside from a few instances where the show tried to make them have petty stupid arguments for the sake of drama, the girls have always been supportive of each other and stick by the other no matter what. In a town where nobody believes them and they're being stalked by an anonymous predator, they have to remain together and I just love how they are willing to do whatever to protect each other.

04. Who do you think has the prettiest eyes?
Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Mona (Janel Parrish).

05. Which Liars wardrobe would you want the most?
Spencer, since she dresses in a smartly fashionable kind of way, with her sweater cardigans and such. Those are the kind of outfits that I feel would work best in most occasions. And Emily, since she's always had a more laidback type of style, even back in the earlier seasons when she was dressing more fashionably she had a simpler kind of style than everyone else. Overall, I think the first season had the best wardrobe for all of the girls that I really wanted. The seasons that followed after didn't really match that for the overall look, imho. Obviously it's a reflection of the current popular styles, which explains a lot. Basically, 2010-2011 was a great year for fashion.

06. Favorite quote?
"I decided I didn't want to be a victim anymore. That's not who I am."

And, of course, the classic: "Jenna can't hear us, she's blind." lol, oh Hanna. Pretty much all of Hanna's quotes are amazing. She provides much needed comic relief in places and even speaks her mind that others are afraid of doing, and I love that.

07. Favorite couple?
Spencer/Toby, Hanna/Caleb and Emily/Alison. I also still have a soft spot for Emily/Maya, and I unashamedly ship Jason/Spencer.

08. Least favorite couple?
Aria/Ezra. Even before revealing the truth about who Ezra really was, I always found their relationship to be boring and tedious to watch, even more annoying was how the show attempted to push them to being the main star-crossed couple and tried to paint them as the more mature relationship, when in reality they kind of brought the worst out in each other. And then came the big revelation about Ezra, which the show decided to sweep underneath the rug all because of them being a popular couple on the show. A show that is about creepy male predators getting what they deserve in the end, and that's the one they pretend never happened? Just yeah, no, fuck that.

I also don't like Emily/Paige. I never understood the connection between them, they have no chemistry with each other, and I think that Paige has a massive insecurity issue which comes across frequently when she is with Emily. The fact that she gave Emily an ultimatum when discovering that Alison was still alive, and then betrayed her trust by going behind her back to tell the police even when she promised she wouldn't really was the biggest thing that for me, tbh. Like, there are other moments that I disliked, but that one incident in particular just crossed that line for me.

09. If you could be best friends with one of the Liars, who would it be?
Probably a tie between Spencer and Emily and Hanna.

10. Books or Show?
Despite knowing what happens in them (thanks to the official wiki), I haven't read the books. And while it can be ridiculous at times to the point where I shake my head at the decisions made (all the fillers, romantic subplots and red-herrings that do nothing but give us more questions than answers at times), the show has been an endless entertaining ride ever since the first season. So yeah, I prefer the show and I'm in it for the long haul.

11. Who is your favorite actor/actress on the show?
Troian Bellisario has always been my bae, just her acting ability really shines especially when she is given really engaging and emotionally driven storylines. Though lately Janel Parrish and Sasha Pietrese have also grown to become my favorites. Sasha in particular has really surprised me so much with her performance that she brings, showcasing the different sides and the humanity within Alison. Same with Janel, her versatile acting has been phenomenal to watch.

12. Favorite Pretty Little Liars blog?
There are quite a bit on Tumblr that I follow/checkup on. rosewoodsecret, dailypll, ladybellisario, emilyalisons (not a PLL-centric blog, but does reblog a lot of it and gives me my Emily/Alison fix). For specific blogs dedicated to dissecting episodes and providing fan theories: tremolux, pllepisodeanalysis, prettyliarswithdirtysecrets, and there are so much more out there.

13. Who is your favorite character not of the Core Four?
Mona Vanderwaal and Alison DiLaurentis. Both of their characters are different from their book counterparts, and it's a good thing because the show has allowed their characters to expand and grow and be further explored as three-dimensional, complicated and complex individuals.

14. What is your favorite episode?
All the Halloween episodes and pretty much any episode that focuses heavily on the main plot. Lately, my favorite episodes a tied with the ones where the girls finally meet up with Alison in New York and giving more background on what happened the night she disappeared, the S5 finale and the S6 premiere that just aired. I really loved how the two latter ones were handled, from the pacing to the high anticipation levels with the suspense on what was going to happen, and it makes me wish that every episode was handled that way.

15. If you could trade places with any character who would it be and why?
Honestly, I wouldn't trade places with any of them because with all the shit that has happened in Rosewood. Like, in terms of the girls, I wouldn't want to live what they've personally gone through at the hands of their stalker.

16. Do you want the show to follow the books with "A"?
Well, aside from Mona, they're already following their own separate canon for a while. I wanted them to do the Alison/Courtney storyline for seasons, which the show has often done the twin motifs throughout, though it seems unlikely that they'll go in that direction now. Which kind of bums me out since I always felt that it would've been such a fantastic twist to actually see the whole thing play out with the Alison and Courtney reveal. Not that I mind them deviating from that, since I am really loving the fact that Alison has always been their Alison and that she's alive and growing/maturing from her mean girl days, but I still thought it would've been cool nonetheless to add the twin storyline, maybe change it up a little bit. Of course now they're heading in a different direction, with what we're learning still connected to the DiLaurentis family somehow, and it's been confirmed there will be a Big "A" and an Uber "A" reveal. So we'll see where that takes us.

Although, unlike most people, I'm not all that disappointed when the show doesn't always reveal everything at once. True, it's six seasons in and we do need more information and they've pulled our legs so many times, but I've long considered the show to be one long slow burn of a whodunit suspense mystery. I don't mind there being more "A"s included or more building of that mystery, as long as the ending makes sense in the end I'm definitely in this for the long haul, no matter what ridiculous storylines/subplots/fillers or discontinuity they have in store. Bring it on!

17. What is your favorite thing "A" has done to any of the Liars?
I'm going to be biased and say what currently took place on the show. The whole underground dollhouse prison is incredibly terrifyingly creepy by itself, but just the notion that this elaborate plan was in the works for so long just to play with and torment the girls is beyond any other level that has been done before. I mean, I don't like or want to see my girls being psychologically tortured for the sick pleasure of someone who is deranged like "A", but in terms of the development that has happened (the girls, with the authorities and adults finally getting clued in and understanding what's truly been happening), and overall just the claustrophobic atmosphere of living in a hellish prison with your anonymous, faceless predator, it really set the bar high for everything "A" has done to them throughout the show.

Following close behind that would be everything surrounding the whole Spencer/Toby/Mona storyline, where Spencer basically was tormented by finding out Toby had joined the "A" Team and went into a mental breakdown due to all the torment that was caused from it and eventually was recruited by Mona to join the "A" Team as well. It was a brief moment of her joining the other side that I wished we could have seen more of, since that's a storyline that had much potential, but regardless I liked what that brought to the table. Never mind how flawless Troian was during those episodes.
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