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Stitchers: "Friends In Low Places" Episode Review

Stitchers 1.02 "Friends In Low Places"

Well, things certainly made for a fast development there.

I didn't expect Allison's character, Camille, to be revealed as an agent as well. Or, at least someone who has been recruited by the Stitchers Program to keep an eye on Kirsten and have her onboard. I was thinking that she would've been given more information and then eventually gone to the headquarters at some point. Though I'm liking this development already of her already having been in the loop. It should be interesting seeing her and Kirsten's relationship from this point on.

I'm also loving Detective Fisher being included into the loop as well, and obviously it wouldn't have happened if Kirsten hadn't been so ultimately blunt about things. Something I'm finding really entertaining because she pretty much states the obvious without tiptoeing around things. She is direct and straight to the point, which for what they do can be very critical. Granted she lacks social awareness of situations, which can lead her into trouble. But now with the FBI on their side things can be somewhat handled.

The second episode, I felt, really combined what I felt should have been for like a two-hour season premiere. It gave us more of the team being placed together, reveals about characters, and it sets up more for what the season is going to be about: Kirsten finding out what happened to her adoptive father, who her parents are, and how it all ties together.

I'm still deciding my overall feelings on the show. I'm not bored with it, it's entertaining and I like the characters. I'll definitely keep watching to see how it goes. I'm just undecided on whether it'll become a fannish show or just a casual show that I enjoy watching. We shall see in due time.

Best part of the episode though? Allison Scagliotti. Always and forever. Camille's level of sarcastic sass and Kirsten's deadpan bluntness is what makes the majority of this show worthwhile to me, imho. If nothing else, that is what I have.
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