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Dark Matter: Series Premiere Review

Dark Matter 1.01

The show (based off a series of comic books by the same name) is about a group of people who suddenly wake up on a spaceship with absolutely no memory of who they are, and are trying to piece together those missing fragments while surviving the dead of space and possible things wanting to kill them, and even questioning each other on who would want to erase their memories and why.

Being the first episode, it does give a good amount of building things up. From the introduction of characters and seeing how they may be through their personalities and what they retain from their specialized skills, which give an indicator of who they are, to the atmosphere of merely floating out into space. The reveal at the end that they are, in fact, dangerous people who were sent out on a mission to exterminate and kill others does raise a lot of questions. Like who erased their memories, and why? Who employed them? Never mind that know they know what they were before the memory wipe, how will this affect their choices afterwards? Will they end up trusting each other or turning on one another? The setup of this is very fascinating to me, because I've often thought a lot about the concept of memory loss and how someone can change the course of their lives despite the things they've done that they cannot recall.

The show reminds me a lot of Battlestar Galactica and Firefly, in terms of the universe, the setting and the characters. Just seeing the scenes with the spaceship floating in space alone makes me nostalgic for more science fiction shows of that nature again.

I'm loving the diversity of the cast. So far, my favorite characters are the women, obviously. But they're all interesting in their own individual ways. And Zoie Palmer as an android, that was just perfect. I suspect that we'll be learning more about not just these characters, but this android in the future.

So far, I'm intrigued, and will definitely continue watching.
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