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Stitchers: "Connections" Episode Review

Stitchers 1.03 "Connections"

I'll be honest, I'm mostly curious about what secrets is being withheld from Kirsten involving her parentage. It seems like the show is gradually setting up for something bigger in terms of that, particularly with Kirsten confronting Maggie at several points about such knowledge (that she cannot give) and with these last two episodes ending with something very important about the characters. The show itself is kind of starting off on just a mere procedural scale, slow and slightly predictable, but I can sense that there is something else on the horizon, like Kirsten's inevitable involvement with the Stitchers Program and what it all means and why.

I am curious about that ending, though, with Marta suddenly awakening from being in a coma, and what that means. In fact, I'm very curious about her involvement and what her and Cameron's relationship was like. He seems to care a lot about her. Furthermore, I want to know exactly what happened to her. It was said that she couldn't distinguish between her emotions and the emotions of the person she was stitched to, something that we see a little bit of with Kirsten in this episode, though with her condition she is able to shake off the residual emotions. So what does this mean for future episodes? How far can Kirsten's condition take her and what other risks factor into this program, or was Kirsten designed to always be part of this program no matter what, hence her rare condition? Hmm.

I'm liking the fact that Camille isn't ashamed about her sexuality, and will go for what she wants. I'm all for that.

I am not here for the dudebro nonsense, though. Good on Camille and Kirsten for calling it out, but still, the show does fall into that stereotypical trope of nerdy dudebros not being about to talk to girls or just says demeaning things. I don't want any thoughtless TBBT misogyny up in here, thanks.

Other than that, I'm just waiting for the next episode to see the outcome of what happened in the end of this episode.
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