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I stand corrected.

More often than not we tend to judge a book by its cover. Initial first impressions tend to be the deal-breaker in many situations, and with the many different forms of media it's no different. We're all guilty of judging something based off from the description alone to the looks of the previews, to simply based off what others say. But sometimes, we take a chance and are proven wrong from our first impressions.

Girl Meets World was one of those shows for me. I was curious about it, so I watched it when the series premiered. I was uncertain what to feel at the time. I think many people felt that way, because it wasn't exactly reminiscent of the 90s show we had all known and loved. Aside from Cory and Topanga, it was clearly a Disney Channel production that doesn't have that same quality charm the original series did, and it did mostly focus on the kids more than the original cast. So it put off some people in that regard. However, when you think about it, it's kind of ridiculous to judge based on that. The show is targeted towards the younger generation, sure, which is why it's called Girl Meets World. It focuses on Riley Matthews as she grows up in the technological age of the 21st Century, very different from the 90s. But the enjoyment of the show shouldn't be mutually exclusive either, since it does bring back old cast members, and is continually doing so in the second season with Eric, Mr. Feeney, and Angela and Mr. Turner. It's kind of the best of both worlds, really. While true it doesn't have the same charm of the 90s and is unfortunately part of the Disney Channel manufactured programming, it is still very enjoyable. Plus, Riley Matthews is an adorable cupcake and her friendship with Maya is pretty much just as important as Cory and Shawn's friendship, along with the other friendships that are made between the kids. Some of the life lessons and messages are a little heavy-handed, but there is still heart and charm to it nonetheless.

I think most people wanted a continuation of Boy Meets World instead of something else entirely by shifting its entire format, but once you get over that fact and accept it for what it is it can be rather enjoyable. Never mind to marvel at how Cory and Topanga haven't aged, and Shawn is still hot, and even how most of the original cast is willing to come back for nostalgia sake.

Another show that I've completely changed my opinion about has been Jane the Virgin. Originally I was baffled because of the description, and the previews weren't doing it much favors either. Of course at the time I was unaware that it was based off of an actual telenovela and it would be a play on the genre, which none of the previews or descriptions alluded to. Brilliant marketing ploy or nah? Who knows. But as soon as the show began, all those initial impressions were thrown out the window, and thankfully too because Gina Rodriguez deserves all the praise and recognition for her performance on that show. And then there was Faking It, an MTV show that when promoted was pitched as two high school girls pretending to be gay in order to be popular, which immediately raised red flags for everyone. But instead of being an offensive queerbaiting mess, it actually turned out to be about the self-discovery of one's own sexuality, which I've seen some people relate to with their own experiences during their youths, especially those who suddenly discovered that they weren't 100% straight like the main character does. While the show isn't perfect, it wasn't as horrible as many people thought it out to be from the vague description.

Case in point: don't always assume based on what you see on the surface of things. Appearances are often deceiving, descriptions and previews will be vague, and people give false information based on their own personal bias. Sometimes yes, there will be things that you will instinctively know are horrible or just aren't for you, but other times it's best to just wait things out without jumping to conclusions. Who knows? Something might just surprise you.
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