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VMars: "Green-Eyed Monster" Episode Review

The Case: Paranoia of the Psychotically Braindead Questioning Girlfriend

Veronica's investigating case was one of those catch-my-cheating/lying-scumbag-of-a-boyfriend-in-the-act-so-I-can-give-him-hell-afterwards schemes like she's had before -- only this one had a more hilarious kind of following to it. The actress playing Julie, the bouncy so-called victim recalling the Valley Girl ditzy kind of voice, did a superb job in playing the extremely rich yet jealous girlfriend of a foreign boyfriend turned future fiance turned ex-fiance over the "money issue". Which was a contradictory with Julie's statement in the beginning with, "money isn't important" in which, later in the episode after Veronica is fed up with Julie's constant pushing of information, she says "of COURSE money is everything!" Ah, typical troubles of the suburban Neptune folk.

I liked how Veronica played the flirtatious Sorority Call-Girl, which usually isn't her forte of performing, but it was quite hilarious to see her work the Easy Chick act while investigating this potential guy's background. She even was all swooning over him being Scottish, hee! And Wallace being all supportive and backing her up! Awww, I just love him. *squishes Wallace*

While the case had the dead-end of being conclusive -- which I'm wondering if Veronica actually got paid during her job investigating this woman's problematic relationship -- this kind of syncronized with another storyline in this episode....being the relationships of characters.

The Relationships: This Truly IS the Harry Potter of Shows, OMG!

Keith and Alicia -- Still think they're adorable together, better than Mommy Mars because while she's still family to Veronica she isn't necessarily trusting and is the deadbeat mother and wife. Although, with Alicia's mysterman following her around all suspicious-like, she may also be hiding something from Keith. But that was a given already, wasn't it? I'm just misunderstanding Alicia's motives for trying to convince Keith with a false background on this mysteryman (knowing he is a private investigator and will do checkups on all suspects, supposedly anyway), but in the first season complained to him about Veronica eavesdropping on Clarence Wiedman and nearly risking her job. But I guess, Alicia thought that this mysteryman was in the past, therefore the restart of her and her family's future was at stake. I don't know. But still, Keith/Alicia is love.

I don't care what fandom s'plosions and imploding about the character shippings in this season, Veronica/Duncan are completely and utterly CUTE, ADORABLE, and SWEET. While I adore Veronica/Logan, the relationship and chemistry between her and Duncan is so sweet and tenderizing, it brings out that old-fashioned romantic in me. They're so darling together, it just makes me smile and they give me warm-fuzzies inside. Though after this episode, there's some questions concerning Duncan's feelings between the two women in his life that he's been involved with. Otherwise, they're too cute. That scene with Veronica waking up, frightful look on her face exclaiming that the person knocking on the door was her dad? She's too cute! ♥

Turning away from the opposite of the warm-fuzzies, there's that twinge of hatred and feelings of wanting to hit the television screen really, really hard with some kind of blunt object. Wallace, love you to pieces but, why on earth are you so attracted to Jackie the Player Bitch? She insults Pride and Prejudice as well as D&D players (calling them geeks and implying that she doesn't like hanging around them; judging from someone that doesn't like literature it doesn't surprise me one bit), and treats Veronica like she's some dumb blonde because Veronica cannot and will not speak up against Jackie. ALSO, Jackie getting angry with Wallace for being the BFF that he is and helping Veronica -- because, as we all know, Jackie needs to be the Make-Out Queen and get things her way. That speech about her being obeyed during their time together, and not being crossed because she's dangerous when she's angry? Bitch, please! Veronica can snap you in two like the fragile twig that you are, and she will. Watch your back Jackie, because your little spoiled New Yorker ass is in Neptune now, trespassing on Veronica's turf. Who's with me that Jackie is going to get her share of karma real soon?

Veronica and Logan -- short scene in the end, though I am glad there's Logan without having playmate Laker!Kendall underneath him (or topping him, depending on their positions in an episode). While the animosity between Veronica and Logan are more playful that outright hatred, there's that part of Veronica that's no longer hiding her demandful thoughts and opinions on him. Logan still has his sense of inappropriate humor, which I like. That boy has been through so much.

While many will argue that there's a specific character that's been through much after the first season, I think it's safe to say that every single main character on this show is a tragic character -- especially our tragic heroine, the blonde snarky Marshmallow Mars herself.

The Meg Manning Mystery

While I have my speculations upon this, which will be thoroughly discussed later, I have my doubts that Meg will remain in an unconscious state for the rest of the season. The suspicions are among the tragedy and her parents, and exactly what they're afraid of Meg keeping secrets. I thought Meg was secret-free, that she was basically the Virginal 09er of Neptune High. What possible second storyline (besides the one uncovered in "Like A Virgin") does Meg have hidden away from us, and especially from Veronica? Could there have been some connection between them that caused the bus accident?

Either way, there's that tension between Duncan, Veronica, and Meg's parents. And, of course, the mystery on what files were hidden on Meg's laptop -- more specifically, hidden in her E-Mails.

Minor Glee!Moments: OMG, Weevil and Mac were in this episode! HEE! Veronica's "bedroom hooker" line, and Keith being the all-knowing father that he is in figuring out where Veronica had been spending her nights. Why is this glee? Because at least he's being a father and knowing where his daughter is instead of letting her do whatever she pleases -- it makes me happy that he's looking out for her, even if it means tracing down her whereabouts (especially if it's the exchange between boyfriend/girlfriend quality time). So, Glee!Moments of the Mars family!

But....where the hell is Backup??!!?

Mysteryman Revealed

I called it, oh I so called it. The man that's been following Alicia, making her all jumpy and uncertain, is most definitely Wallace's father. Whether biological or assumed father that's to be revealed. But dude....I was SO called it! AH-HA! *does happy dance*

Overall: Another LOVE episode, more mysteries and more s'plosions from the fandom. Whee, I love this show! Next week's preview looks majorly creepifying....a recording of a voice from the crash? Eeep!

I rented The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants recently and, I don't care about anyone else's opinions on it -- the book or the movie itself -- but I cried. I cried, I smiled and I laughed. This is the feel-good movie for me. Friendship, love, and family. Oh yes, there were tears. The acting? Perfection. The storylines? Heartbreaking and heartwarming. Overall? Lovely, quite lovely.
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