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NBC cancels Hannibal.

But fear not, since there's been talk about others wanting to partner with the show and find them a new home if and when the day came that NBC decided to let them go. So hopefully we'll be seeing more seasons of Hannibal, just not with NBC.

They always said that the show was always on the cusp of being threatened with cancellation due to its subject matter, though it makes me sad since the third season just started with the move to the summer. I would've thought that such a move would've been better for the ratings, turns out not so much. But imagine the show being picked up by something like Netflix, where Bryan Fuller can go all out with his imagination that NBC wouldn't allow him to. Hannibal is a show that is certainly not for everyone, but it is still a show that has had a loyal fanbase and is worth keeping around, if only for one more season to wrap everything up with how Fuller wants to handle his version of the Hannibal Lector story.
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