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Dark Matter: "Episode Two" Review

Dark Matter 1.02 "Episode Two"

Continuing where the pilot left off, the crew determine their next move on what to do regarding the people on the mining planet that they were sent to exterminate. They decide to just send half the guns from their ship to them and return back and take off, but things don't go as planned as their employers make contact with the ship and plan on finishing their deal, leaving Two to make a decision to save all of their butts.

Two being the leader of this ragtag group of amnesia misfits is exactly what I love, at the moment. While all of them are still reeling from not remembering anything about who they were before while digesting the information that they are, in fact, dangerous criminals, Two has stepped up to the plate to take control and everyone pretty much doesn't question her for it. She is authoritative but is compassionate and fair. When she makes calls, she weighs the options and takes risks. Her revealing what she did at the end, explaining why she jumped away and came back, her plan of attack to save not only the rest of the team but all the people down on the mining planet was wonderful. I love that we got two versions of a fight; one down on the planet with guns blazing and killing, and the other aboard the ship with Two, who makes a huge strategic decision on bargaining a bigger chip and getting the better end of a deal. Both sides managing to do their parts well.

I also like that she refused to be called by her legal given name. She still wants to be referred to as Two, which I'm sure the rest of them don't want to be associated by their given names until they are ready.

Five is still an adorable mystery, and I like how she is bonding more with Two than anyone else aboard the ship so far. I also really liked the scene between her and the Android (who is being given little bouts of humor added here and there, which I am loving). I am very intrigued by Five, because she's not in the crew records, and yet she seems to have vital skills that are helpful aboard the ship. But then she has kind of a psychic ability as well? Like, she's remembering things but instead of it being her memories she's remembering the memories of another crew member before they do. So, she's like a combination of Kaylee Frye and River Tam. Either way, I'm intrigued and I want more of her. And more of her bonding with Five (and the other crew members too, but mostly Five).

Overall, I like that they all seem to be on the same page at least in regards to their past identities. They may have been criminals before, but without any memories or recollection of any of these incidents they feel like there is a chance that they could do something different. Even Three, despite him wanting to just get the hell out of dodge, doesn't seem like someone who would just up and bail the team. At least for now. Currently, they all seem just as rattled or uncertain about where to go from here on out. Of course, how long that will last remains up in the air. Memories could slowly return to them, more obstacles may rise up such as possible enemies, others knowing who they are and wanting to cause trouble or split them up, etc. There's also more mysteries as to who stole their memories, and why, and what will happen once that is discovered. Never mind them as individuals, their personal pasts, why they were chosen to be part of this crew, and so on.

This show is turning out to be an amazing one so far. I love the mystery, but I also love the camaraderie of everyone involved. Despite not knowing much about each other, let alone about themselves, they've all come together as a team to help each other out. Clearly because they have nobody else on their side and they're all in this together re: their loss of memories and why they're all there.

And I'm pretty stoked as to seeing what else is in store for them as this show.
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