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Stitchers: "I See You" Episode Review

Stitchers 1.04 "I See You"

Pretty much almost every procedural or mystery show has to have a Rear Window episode.

I'm not actually bothered by the case of the week thing, I just find myself more engaged with the characters and what else is happening that appears to be intricate to the main plot than anything else. The case of the week is just part of the procedural aspect of the show, which is oftentimes predictable "solve and catch the bad guys" kind of deal. Though I do like seeing the Stitching aspect of it all and how Kirsten pieces it together.

With the characters, I'm liking the role reversal when it comes to them. It's something that interested me when I saw the pilot, at least when it concerned Camille and Kirsten and how they're taking on the roles typically assigned for male characters. For example, in this episode Camille is dealing with a brooding and somewhat clingy Linus who feels slighted by her rebuffs after their one night of passion. He thought it was a start of something, she however felt it was more or less just a casual sexual encounter that should remain that one night. While yes, Linus still exhibits a dudebro attitude that I dislike a lot, it was an interesting observation on how the roles were reversed in that regard. Camille is comfortable with her sexuality and likes having casual sex without any hangups or repeats, and prefers remaining single. And I like how Allison portrays Camille as being rather chill and laidback, but knows her own boundaries. She's not callous towards Linus despite his attempts to be passive aggressive or push for something more, but just tells it like it is.

The women on this show tend to be more driven by their work and determination while the men seem to be driven by their emotions, showing more vulnerability. If that makes sense. Cameron, in particular, shows a lot of concern and protectiveness towards Kirsten -- with good reason -- and while Kirsten understands this, especially after this episode when he explains to her why, she doesn't seem too concerned when she takes on something that could potentially place her at risk, and has mentioned before that she only came here looking for answers and wasn't at all interested in staying after she had gotten them. Of course that has since changed, but still. She isn't attached to people so much as the actual solving.

I find this fascinating because usually we often see the opposite in the media, where the women are said to be too emotional while the men are more detached and need to "come out of their shell." Here, Stitchers is providing a switch in that typical gender role and I'm kind of digging it.

Now if only they could lose the nerdy dudebro in Linus, that would be fantastic.

As far as the connection between Kirsten and Cameron, at first when the show started it was definitely blatantly hinted that they would possibly become a thing, which I wasn't so sure of. Usually whenever there's a push for a possible romantic connection between two main characters it can become annoying. And I have already been kind of shipping Kirsten and Detective Fisher a little bit, because why not? However, I am definitely getting vibes of Cameron and Kirsten. The first episode didn't sell me because of how we never got a true look at how Cameron was, he just seemed like the other nerdy scientist that I wasn't too fond of. Now that we've seen more of Cameron, and how he and Kirsten kind of work together, I can see it. That last scene was certainly something worth noting, not just because Kirsten accidentally caught Cameron in a vulnerable moment (similar to the theme of the episode, catching people when they're vulnerable and raw, something that they don't allow others to see), but because we're seeing an emotional response from her along with seeing that there's more to Cameron than just being part of the Stitcher's Program.

And there's more to the Stitcher's Program than we think. I want more answers as to who is spying and possibly infiltrating them, particularly with Kirsten, and why. Never mind that we never got answers for what happened at the end of the last episode with Marta presumably waking up from her four month coma.
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