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Pretty Little Liars: "She's No Angel" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 6.05 "She's No Angel"

Spencer and Hanna go to Radley to salvage what is left to figure out more about what happened to Charles DiLaurentis. Aria has a brief encounter with a black hooded figure, believing it to be "A" stalking her. Meanwhile, Mona has returned to Rosewood, and her (kinda?) former friend (who went against the girls and lied in court to convict Alison) Leslie Stone makes a reappearance, and where we learn that she has more connections to Radley and Charles than we ever knew.

The Radley Connection

While it's not surprising that we're seeing more connections with Radley, it's still rather interesting how things are being tied together.

I always knew something was up with Leslie Stone, at least from her first appearance she seemed rather random especially to be placed on the stand and upright lie in order to convict Alison. Of course it was all in connection with Mona's plan, which was ultimately foiled, but regardless it was rather curious to include her into the fold. In this episode we learn not only was she a patient at Radley, which is where she and Mona met, but she was at Radley long enough to have known Charles DiLaurentis and have been Bethany Young's roommate. That there is a lot of connections being made. I'm uncertain whether Leslie may have been involved in anything or may just know information that, if it were ever to be found it, people would know about where she had been and for what personal reasons. Nevertheless, her being at Radley for that extended period of time is certainly worth so much more now than ever.

At this point I'm still rather uncertain about whether Charles is alive or dead, because with this show anything goes depending on whether or not they take the red-herring route. However with the Leslie situation, it's not hard to believe that someone with connections with Charles while he was at Radley is able to impersonate him (bring him "back from the dead" so to speak) to extract revenge of their own in his name.

Things I liked about the episode:

++ That opening sequence in the beginning was absolutely unsettling yet gorgeously done at the same time. It was like an Asian horror film, from the location to the movements of the girl (both erratic and fluid, flexible in an unnaturally acrobatic way) and her long black stringy hair. When I saw the preview for this episode I was confused on what this scene could possibly be, I initially thought that they would find a lost patient wandering around the abandoned building who could provide some answers or information or even clues, but it being a dream makes even more sense. Also, I like that Spencer is the one who tends to have dreams attached to some sort of reality, which makes sense for her character to piece together the puzzle even when she's asleep.

++ MONA IS BACK!!! FINALLY! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

++ I do like that Spencer is dealing with her addiction problem on her own without any sort of intervention. She recognizes it's an issue, and with her anxiety levels up since being captured it doesn't really ease that tension, but her dealing with it by herself is a good first step.

++ Hanna's freakout at Radley was hilarious. I mean, I would react the same way of course, but I like how she genuinely was freaking out and then basically wanted to get the hell out of dodge after that.

Things I didn't like:

++ While I'm definitely not happy with the whole Alison and Lorenzo situation, I don't like how her father is handling the situation. Sure, I would like it if he were upset about the whole age difference (I'm assuming that Lorenzo is older than Toby, at any rate) and called out of it, but I'm sure that he's upset for all the wrong reasons. I may not like what may be happening between them (because forced heterosexual flings on this show is getting so tired), but I do want Alison to find happiness of her own.

++ I'm undecided how I'm feeling about Sarah Harvey at the moment, mostly because we know next to nothing about her aside from her kidnapping and how her mother doesn't care for her. Also the show clearly wants to set up her and Emily and, I don't know, while I do think that Sarah needs a friend, someone who understands her after everything she's gone through, I don't think romance is the answer. I want to know more about her as a person, her history, how she survived two years (especially without seeing who held her hostage, even a small clue or inkling of their identity), just more about her and less trying to force a budding romance between her and Emily. Otherwise, I may get further suspicious that something else might be up with her.

++ I get why they're trying to create Radley being an old abandoned asylum for the creepy effect, but it seems rather strange that within a short period of time the place looks that disarrayed like it hasn't been used in years. Never mind files being about the place for anyone to take. I thought they gathered all the files they could from the place to be shredded? IDK.

Overall: A good episode. We got some new information that will certainly be interesting to see how that will be dealt with. I'm looking forward to seeing who has been stalking them in the hoodie, since they're assuming it's a girl because of the bust from the shadows and brief glimpse from the photograph, and it could be Leslie or someone else entirely. It's just piecing together the puzzle and I'm anxious to learn more.
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