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Stitchers: "Finally" Episode Review

Stitchers 1.06 "Finally"

My suspicions about there being a bigger secret surrounding Kirsten and her past, including her unique condition, continue to grow more and more as things are slowly being unveiled with each clue she stumbles upon.

Kirsten was involved in a car accident when she was younger, affecting her memory which she cannot remember anything before a certain age. Since being involved with the Stitchers Program she has begun to experience brief memory flashes, with recurring images popping up while being stitched. She cannot pinpoint exactly what these memories are or whether they are made up or not, but she knows that they keep reappearing to her. And as we see in this episode she has another new brief memory flash which includes her as a child lying in a tank of water (perhaps similar to the one in the Stitchers Program) with wires attached to her head. Plus, with her confrontation with the episodic bad guy he says to her that her brain waves are very unique, something he hasn't seen before. Obviously we knew her condition of temporal dysplasia was considered rare and made-up in-verse, but it has got me thinking that, combined with her recent memory flash, that there's more to it than just her having a very rare condition.

There's a lot of secrecy surrounding her past, what Ed knew and was protecting her from (so much that he left clues for her to find), and what the Stitchers Program is really about. I have a distinct feeling that they were the ones who killed Ed, because he wanted to keep Kirsten safe and they, obviously, needed her for whatever it is they're doing. I also have a feeling that Ed probably knew that he was going to die, and did whatever he could to protect her by leaving those clues behind for her to find, knowing that she would never give up figuring out the truth.

Things are getting quite interesting with the plot surrounding Kirsten and the program. I've very invested and it makes me anticipating where this is all leading to, and what will happen to these characters once shit starts getting real.
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