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July Question Meme: Day Ten

Asked by giallarhorn:

What's your favorite type of AU, if you have a favored setting or setup?

Oh goodness, I have so many. Pretty much anything surrounding your desired OTP doing the whole "mutually attracted to and pining over each other but neither know that the other is into them" thing, which leads to a lot of awkward situations including misunderstandings and then eventual getting together in the end. It gets me every single time. Falling in this category is one of my favorite AU tropes which is the "pretend we're a couple/married", because adorable shenanigans happen and there's pining and the eventual happy ending, of course. Anything with a happy ending is what I crave for, to be honest. I can read all the porn in the world and yet it's the fluffy fics that get me smiling and giddy inside. I fall for these kinds of AUs. Every. Single. Time. And I love it.

Seriously, I pretty much love AUs of all different sorts. It's interesting because there was a time long ago where I didn't care for AUs, but now I can't imagine not reading them. I'm obsessed with AUs, I'm not gonna lie. It doesn't matter how many I have read or how many scenarios and concepts have been repeated, every writer takes a different kind of approach, and anything that gives me happy feels is alright in my book. (✿◠‿◠)
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