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July Question Meme: Day Eleven

Asked by hanorganaas:

Is there any show or movie your FLIST made you curious to watch?

Absolutely. I have to say unless it's something I preview myself, half of the things I end up watching or checking out is mostly due to recommendations and being intrigued after seeing people talk about it enough, especially on Tumblr where there are so many things reblogged from various fandoms I'm not part of and yet some of those things either look like something I'd be into or make me very curious about in general. The beauty of the Internet is getting introduced to things you otherwise wouldn't have known about.

Most recently it has been Sense8 and Killjoys (which I still have to sit my butt down and watch), and then Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries was thanks a recommendation on Tumblr. Same with Carmilla, Welcome To Night Vale, and recently with Mad Max: Fury Road after all the positive reactions from it. And there are just so much more, of course.
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