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VMars: Speculations and Thoughts

Thicking of the plot with Alicia Fennel. Guessing correctly that this policeman that's been stalking Alicia is actually Wallace's biological father (or as we're presumably thinking at this moment in time), I've been wondering why he hasn't been contacting his backup or even questioning Alicia herself instead of approaching Wallace from out-of-the-blue like he did. Also, Alicia wasn't particularly honest with Keith, and I'm thinking the secret is much darker than she's leading it to be. I think, pure speculating here, that Alicia thought this man -- possibly her then-boyfriend or lover -- was dangerous or posed a threat, therefore led her to leave him and move to Neptune. Starting her life over again. Or, could this be a domestic violence kind of deal; relationship abuse that Alicia has been trying to get away from, hence telling Wallace that his father was dead? Whatever the secret or mystery is, Alicia is very wary about this guy -- and apparently, this guy is very determined to track down the Fennel's, mainly Alicia to get to Wallace. I'm still thinking that there's a deeper mystery hidden underneath. But hey, Rob Thomas LOVES to trick us -- just think, this speculating could be totally off, unlike my last one with the paternity mystery unraveling.

The Meg Manning mystery. Okay, there's been plenty of wild speculations as to why Meg's parents are so upset over Duncan visiting Meg at the hospital, as well as with Veronica. Understandably, Veronica was on the bus with Meg -- so there's that moment of questioning between Meg's parents (and they probably blame Veronica for their daughter's unconscious state, considering that I'm sure Meg might've told them about the entire Duncan situation and the loss of friendship/trust). Then there's the Duncan issue -- why has he been visiting the hospital, day after day? Also, why are Meg's parents so gung-ho on invading their children's privacy. Moreover, why are they so concerned over wanting to pull the plug on their daughter? What secrets, if any, are they trying to prevent from going public? I don't think that Meg has anything criminal in her e-mails that may be holding secrets, though I'm having my suspicions that Meg's parents are withholding something huge that they're not telling Veronica or Duncan. I'm without speculating on what that might be at this moment in time, but I have a feeling that they're protecting something they're fearing might ruin their reputation (though with their daughter Lizzie, I doubt that'll make a difference).

Oh, Duncan Doughnut. Duncan first dates Veronica, then abruptly breaks it off without any explanation. Veronica befriends Meg and then Duncan is interested in Meg while he's still infactuated with Veronica, but is convinced that she may be his half-sister. Veronica finds out they are not blood-related, tells him, and then Duncan breaks off his relationship with Meg and then starts visiting Veronica at her job at Java the Hut. They get back together again. Joy! But then the accident happens, Meg is in a coma and is in the hospital. Veronica finds Duncan visiting her, and then discovers that he's been visiting Meg day after day after day....possibly out of guilt? Out of regret? Duncan, poor thing, what is up with this pattern here? Poor Duncan's been so confused, especially since last season. While I should be thinking something else from Duncan's mysterious visits without telling Veronica, perhaps he doesn't want to tell her because he feels guilty and responsible -- just like Veronica. Besides, secretly visiting an ex does seem a bit suspicious, although in this case I don't think that's the case. Jealousy, maybe slightly. Though I think both Duncan and Veronica are on the same boat of feeling responsible of Meg being in the hospital, and both are feeling guilt and regret. Although, I'm actually wondering if Duncan is still taking his medications from last season?
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