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July Question Meme: Day Fifteen

Asked by hanorganaas:

What is the greatest piece of news you heard all year?

When the Supreme Court announced that marriage equality is now officially legal in the United States. Even though there are still obstacles to overcome, it's remarkable that after all these years of fighting for individual states to even allow the rights for same-sex couples to even be acknowledged by law, and now it's legal nationwide. And the fact that the news was announced rather abruptly, catching everyone off guard, makes it even more worthwhile of celebration because it was always being worked on behind closed doors to have this law passed. ♥

And then of course, the announcement that Richard Armitage was going to be on Hannibal. I mean, I kinda had a legit fangirl freakout moment as soon as I heard the news that he was going to be playing a crucial recurring role. Considering the roles he chooses it wasn't surprising he would pick something as complicated, complex and challenging as this. What was surprising was that it would be the Francis Dolarhyde role, on a US show created by Bryan Fuller. I mean. Just. (◕ω◕✿)

In an IRL personal sense, I guess the fact that I'm going to be okay after badly stubbing my little toe that was causing me so much pain? Which since then it has healed significantly and I'm like 98% better. So, there ya go.
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