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Stitchers: "The Root Of All Evil" Episode Review

Stitchers 1.07 "The Root Of All Evil"

Very Bling Ring with the episodic case.

So, Kirsten has a boyfriend. That's not surprising, though it's interesting how her lack of time perception would become such an advantage when it comes to long-distance relationships. To her, two years of being away from her boyfriend could feel like just several days.

And now comes the apprehension of what his character may bring. His track record is absolutely clean, and while it's not beyond the realm of believability for someone to be a good humanitarian and never have any issues with the law whatsoever, his past appears to be almost too perfect. In such a plot where there is government coverups and secrecy, it does raise a flag whenever someone does have basically a perfect record. Although Maggie did seem somewhat concerned, not necessarily on Liam (not yet), but who she spotted in one of his pictures. Which could mean two possibilities: Liam does have ulterior motives and is keeping them well hidden, or someone is taking advantage of him to get to Kirsten and/or the Stitchers Program.

I'm honestly torn on this. On one hand, it would be interesting if everything in her life does lead back to what is happening with the Stitchers Program, including the people she was romantically involved with. However, I feel like so many stories involve such pessimism that it does feel very predictable. I would prefer if the show didn't go that route and instead made Liam just a victim of unfortunate circumstances, unknowingly having bad people tracking him in order to track Kirsten and the Stitchers Program down. It could end with him realizing that things are more complicated than he ever thought it would be, or vice versa.

At the end of the episode he proposed to her. Since we didn't get an answer, I'm assuming that Kirsten may take some time thinking about it until something happens where she has to make the choice. Granted if Kirsten does want to further the relationship with Liam, she would have to let him in with what she does, which it could potentially be dangerous if he is being tracked by someone or does have ulterior motives. Which would amp up the stakes and make it more personal regardless of how the situations pans out.

Camille continues to be hilariously awesome. Just wanted to say that. :3

And apparently Stitchers has been renewed for a second season!
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