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I'm so happy that Tatiana Maslany got her first Emmy nomination. Finally, after three years since Orphan Black premiered, she is getting the proper recognition she deserves for her extraordinary talent on that show.

I really want her to win, because it would further that recognition. But just having this nomination is enough of a validation that they at least considered her amongst the other talents in the category. Plus, Tatiana is such a sweetheart, so humble that she dedicated this nomination nod to the fans. Like, I'm sure an Emmy would be wonderful to have, but I truly think Tatiana treasures the fans and everyone involved with making the show what it is versus any kind sort of fancy award the academy gives her. It's the same with any genre television that often gets snubbed at these things, it would be amazing to be included not to mention win thus proving to the academy that genre television can and does deserve to be amongst the rest of their categories, but I think most consider their dedicated and passionately loyal fanbase to be the most treasured award they could ever have. And Tatiana makes it clear she is entirely grateful for the fans and their love and support since the beginning, so with or without an award she knows that there is validation in the work she does. She truly is a precious cinnamon roll too good and pure for this world. ♥
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