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Three Shiny Pretties of the Day

+ OMGWTFPOLARBEAR!Shiny: I finally retrieved my LOST DVDs, and now I am rejoicing in glee! Although my mother and sister refuse to watch it because, well, I had told them of the suspenseful things that occur and they aren't really big fans of that kind of genre. Well, my sister can stomach it never minding the pretty Charlie, Sawyer, and Boone in the show of course, however my mother not so much. Still waiting the arrival for my Veronica Mars DVDs via mail, though.

+ Theatre-isms of Shiny: In my theatre class this morning the lecture was made more interesting with my professor discussing Dadaism, Surrealism, Theatre of the Absurd and describing (in the most foul, visually disturbing and WTFing ways possible) how these forms of theatre were performed. Including screaming nonsense so loud that it set the entire classroom into fits of laughter -- and my professor just loves to fuck with the classrooms nearby because, as he says, it's both entertaining and hilarious. But, anyway, SHINY lecture today. Hee!

+ Gorram Adorable Shiny!: Summer Glau Serenity Interview. I have no idea if this is newish or oldish, but there's cuteness within and some talk about the film itself. My favorite part of this interview is when Summer discusses her stunts in a certain scene of Serenity:
Summer Glau on Her Final Fight Scene with the Reavers in Serenity: “It’s all me. There were two dangerous stunts that they wouldn’t let me do. One was falling down the stairs, that was just too risky, and one other flip. My stunt double ended up getting hurt doing it, I felt terrible. But everything else, the swords and all the blade work, I did myself. All the guns, the daggers. Joss wanted it to look real. I felt it - every punch, every kick.”
Adorable and very shiny, very shiny indeed.

++ BONUS Shiny: All new Medium this evening, as well as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Whee!
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