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Pretty Little Liars: "O Brother, Where Art Thou" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 6.06 "O Brother, Where Art Thou"

Kenneth takes Alison away from Rosewood in attempt to protect her after discovering that Charles is still alive, but Alison wants to warn her friends and her brother. After Jason gets a message from Charles asking to meet with him alone, the girls catch wind of this and make an plan attempting to capture Charles once and for all. But it all goes to shit.

O, Brother: Jason and Charles

It would make sense that Charles would want to reach out to Jason, of all people.

I'm betting that Jason was the only one that Charles thought he could trust, seeing as how they were rather close as children and they were ripped away rather suddenly, with Jason having his memories altered by his parents for the sake of attempting to forget him. Charles probably wanted to see Jason under their own terms without any interference from anyone, and Jason, bless his heart, wanted to at least make reason with his long lost brother. And now since that plan was foiled, Charles doesn't trust Jason anymore, thinking that he was sold out.

It makes me wonder what would have happened if Jason had actually seen Charles, had actually talked with him. Would he have gotten through to him? Would memories continue to flood back through bonding? Or did Charles have different plans altogether?

You really have to think about the state of mind that is Charles. He was taken away as a child because of his violent and unusual behavior, he probably suffers from numerous mental illnesses, and judging from the little home video shown in this episode Jessica tried to include Charles in family activities after being sent away but only underneath the identity of someone else ("Frankie" is what he was called in the footage). Charles only wants to be reunited with the only person he believed wouldn't betray him, who would probably understand once knowing the truth. But it also makes you wonder why Charles hates Alison so much. Why go through all this trouble to extract revenge on Alison? Because she got in the way? Because without her being born, he still would've been with Jason? And what about the rest of the girls, how do they factor into this family affair equation, or is it just because they're there and have been with Alison and thus need to be punished as well?

Furthermore, with the age factor, unless they're attempting to do an actual twin thing (despite the claim that Charles is older than Jason), who could possibly be Charles that we know of? The only candidates that fit the bill would be Wren, Ezra, and Wilden (ETA: and Holbrook). Anyone else that I'm missing?

Things I liked about the episode:

++ Mike and Mona reuniting, and thankfully it's a proper reunion scene and not just coming back to them after all these episodes later being together. I like that we see the initial conflict, with Mona refusing to see him because of guilt over what she asked him to do, and Mike finally confronting her about it and just being happy that she's alive. That was not just a sweet scene, but very realistic in terms of what transformation that Mona went through after being trapped in that dollhouse and her having remorse of what she did. Besides, Mike and Mona are adorable together, and you can clearly see how they care for each other and I love it so much. ♥

++ I love seeing Alison and Mona communicating. Considering the animosity that was between them for so long, I like seeing how they've both changed since then, now more than ever. It's just lovely to see them helping each other out and attempting to put the past behind them and just trying to move onwards with their lives.

++ Just, Mona in general. As I said, the character development is beautiful and I love seeing that while Mona still have some of her mastermind skills being put to use here and there, she has changed. It's horrible that it happened underneath such circumstances, but still, seeing that this has affected her in such a way really speaks volumes and I like seeing how she communicates with others now. Even Alison, which is something I never thought I'd see the day of.

++ Similarly, Alison doing whatever it took to save her brother and her friends, even if she unknowingly foiled the plan of action they set forth. But I love how she wants to help in any way she can. Character development. Just, yes.

++ The girls taking out the trackers themselves.

Things I didn't like:

++ There was something about this episode that felt very off. Perhaps it was the plan the girls attempted (and failed) to complete (because most of their plans don't end well in that regard), or the whole thing with the pot food was being used, how the girls continue to lie to those they shouldn't, especially when those people are the ones who should be in the loop about things because as we found out many times before, keeping them in the dark is never a good thing no matter how the girls think they're protecting them. I don't know, it just seemed rather like things were going wrong in the worst possible way when there was an easy way of preventing it from doing so.

++ I'm still on the fence about Sarah, and I'm still not understanding where this attraction/relationship status came from, especially on Emily's end. Emily is acting like she is truly in love with Sarah when she just met the girl a few weeks ago, and we still don't know anything about her. Never mind how Emily seemed to get jealous how Sarah was reconnecting with her old friend. Like, what the fuck was that? This storyline is unnecessary and it just needs to stop. It's not convincing at all, and I don't think anyone else in fandom is buying it either.

Overall: I'm rather meh about this episode, honestly. It wasn't bad, it did have relevance to the plot surrounding Charles, but it felt rather filler since it didn't reveal anything that we didn't already know. I'm just waiting for the next few episodes as we're getting closer to the midseason finale.
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