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#SaveHannibal, Part Deux

Hannibal panel at SDCC.

I think my favorite thing about this panel, aside from them once again wearing flower crowns (and Richard Armitage being utterly adorable), is how Bryan Fuller is very grateful and appreciative of the fanbase that surrounds the show. He talks very excitedly and passionately about the work and the support that is given from the fandom, even gives much gratitude towards NBC for allowing him to tell the story for three full seasons. Clearly there was a lot of love going on during this panel and throughout the entire event at SDCC, and in a bittersweet way. It goes to show that despite the cancellation it doesn't mean the love and support hasn't dissipated and how everyone is wanting there to be a continuation of some sort.

Which brings me to the notion that Bryan has talked about through various interviews during SDCC about there possibly be a movie for Hannibal as an option if another season cannot be worked out.

Hearing the behind the scenes complications when it comes to reviving a show after it's been cut off from the network that it was primarily on is quite interesting and fascinating to learn about, because it's not as simple as some would expect it to be. And the having a feature film from the show isn't beyond the realm of possibility, with the success of what Veronica Mars and Firefly achieved, and while those were very special cases that were nothing short of miracles, there is still hope that the same could happen with Hannibal as well, considering its loyal and dedicated fanbase and the critical praise to back it up. Plus, I would love to see what Bryan Fuller would want to adapt from the novels that hasn't been adapted yet. And since one of the best things of the show is the visual storytelling, how the brilliant cinematography would transfer from television to a feature film.

As for the show at the moment, this Saturday is the beginning of the Red Dragon storyline (so excited, omg), and in addition to that there is a special assignment for fans to participate in, which not only helps the process of getting the show recognized to be saved but also having the chance of winning a limited official artwork of the Red Dragon signed by Richard Armitage. If you want to participate, sign up and read the instructions and prepare yourself for this upcoming Saturday.
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