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Stitchers: "Fire In The Hole" Episode Review

Stitchers 1.08 "Fire In The Hole"

This was a really nice character-based episode. What a better way of learning a little bit more about our main group than having a deadly virus released into the lab?

The scene where some of them were contacting their loved ones to say a potential final goodbye was one I liked because it really gave a glimpse into who these characters are outside of what we've seen of them so far. It was quite emotionally driven for some of them, and it's interesting to me that they wouldn't even mention what was wrong. But I figure, considering their top secret job, it wouldn't be wise to mention that they are infected with a deadly virus, not to mention not letting them worry. Instead just making a discreet call about how much they love them, maybe making amends with past wrongs, etc. Maggie making a call to her, I'm assuming ex, which was very emotional for her to do, and possibly the most emotional we've seen of her in the show so far. We learn more about Cameron based from his phone call with his mother and what he tells Kirsten, and with Linus we see his emotional Skype conversation with his parents. The only people we didn't see making any sort of calls was Camille, which her reasons were both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, and Kirsten, who is more determined to find out what went wrong with the cure.

With Kirsten, it makes sense given who she is to not want to waste time with emotional phone calls, since she doesn't do that. But I don't think she wasn't worried about the possibility of death, instead I think, because of who she is, when there is a puzzle that hasn't been solved she will do whatever it takes to solve it.

I'm happy nobody died, though. Usually in these situations the background characters tend to be the ones who suddenly become victims to place emphasis on how dire their situation is. Thankfully, nobody was sacrificed.

And of course we get more information about Kirsten and her parents. Maggie was told that if anything happened to Ed she would take care of Kirsten, which would explain why she was overseeing her over the years, at least within the last year before Ed had died. Keeping an eye on her. We also learn about how Maggie knew about Ed and her mother, and how they all worked together with the designing the Stitcher's Program, which unfortunately her biological father stole and took credit for her mother's work. Which is probably why, after her death, he left her with Ed. This is devastating for Kirsten to hear, and on her birthday too. But given the situation they were in, Maggie at least wanted her to know the truth in case they were all doomed to die from this virus. But it does make you question whether she was planning on revealing this to Kirsten at some point. Which, judging from her role in Kirsten's life, probably when she determined that Kirsten was ready.

It does make you wonder what Ed is wanting Kirsten to know from the things he left behind for her to find. Never mind the lost memories she has from her childhood. Perhaps there is more things concerning her mother, who she doesn't remember, and her biological father.
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