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We march together.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Official Trailer

While the last book certainly wasn't my favorite, I'm pretty excited to see how the film does in concluding the story, since the films in general have been an enhancement and slight improvement from my own reading experience, just from the overall perspective of the world, the politics involved and other characters (even though there could still be improvements, but I digress). And I'm curious to see how this final one does, with how certain scenes are done and the emotional impact it will have on the audience.

Lost Girl Season 5.2 Teaser

I'll admit, this season of Lost Girl has left me incredibly underwhelmed and it's unfortunate that it's the last one. But damn, if this teaser doesn't get me all bittersweet about the whole thing. Though I'll be honest, I mostly care about what happens with Tamsin and Kenzi.
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