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July Question Meme: Day Twenty-Five

Asked by jaysta_11:

Describe your dream home.

My dream home consists of two versions.

First is something that is huge, something like a mansion on a gigantic estate. I go back and forth whether it should be a modern, Victorian-style mansion or a castle-like manor. But certain something that is aesthetically pleasing on the exterior as well as the interior design. The estate would cover a lot of ground so I could own plenty of animals, preferably a lot of dogs and some horses. Inside this mansion would be several floors and rooms for different uses, such as a ballroom, separate libraries, a movie theater, an exercise room, indoor ground level large swimming pools for different uses (also outside pool as well), plenty of guest bedrooms, walk-in closets, and so forth. There would, of course, be secret passageways and alternative exists to go from place to place throughout. Because how can you not have something like that inside of a mansion? I wouldn't go overboard like the Winchester Mystery Mansion, though, at least not in a aimless way. But it would be fun if this fantasy dream mansion of mine had a fascinating architecture in such a way that was fun and memorable.

And because most of my relatives live in different parts of the country where it's difficult to travel to see, I would have multiple wings in this glorious mansion of mine where each family could live in separately. So we don't have to live apart from each other anymore, and it would give them their own privacy and space without feeling crowded.

My second dream home would be something a bit simpler, something similar to the Charmed Halliwell manor but just a little bit bigger than that, and again with a few stories high. Or something that is amongst a neighborhood of mansions, and where I would buy out the entire neighborhood and have my beloved family, relatives and friends live there. It would be similar if I were to just get, like, a two-story home in a good neighborhood.

As you can see, this is something I fantasize about constantly. I'm always looking at different kinds of places and interiors to further my building of my dream homes. Because I'm a nerd that way.
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