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July Question Meme: Day Twenty-Six

Asked by woodycakes:

Who are your favourite dad characters on TV/movies?

Keith Mars from Veronica Mars was the first name I thought of. Not only does he become a single father to his teenager daughter after his wife abandons them, he and Veronica have such amazing chemistry together. He allows her to help him out with his private investigator job, and not only supports her but encourages her when she wants to follow into his footsteps. He doesn't belittle her interests, and his only concern is of her safety and well-being, and when shit hits the fan he his fierce protectiveness over her goes through the roof. He is also an example of a good father who isn't always perfect, but no matter what they will help and support each other through the rough patches in their lives. Which, considering their status and living in Neptune, is all the time.

When it comes to father figures in fiction, Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer immediately tops my list. He initially starts off being the Watcher to his Slayer, but even then he is shown to have a more personal relationship with her and her friends rather than strictly professional. His growing fondness and affection is what makes him intervene in "Helpless", where it is commented by the Watcher's Council that he has a "father's love" for Buffy, solidifying that relationship further. And despite being fired as her Watcher, Giles remains in Sunnydale as the high school librarian and continues being her mentor for the remainder of the series. It also doesn't help that Buffy's parents are divorced and her father is virtually nonexistent in the series, so Giles fills in that spot as that fatherly figure in her life.

Honorable mention: Joel from The Last Of Us, because he is both a father and a father figure within the story, and it's this paternal attachment he has with Ellie that enables his growth and motivations throughout the entirety of the game.

(I tend to have a fondness for father figures in fiction, especially when they're not expecting to be but end up becoming one either by circumstance or by choice because they grow affectionate over the ones they're looking after.)
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