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Stitchers: "Future Tense" Episode Review

Stitchers 1.09 "Future Tense"

So it turns out Liam isn't exactly who he says he is.

This episode did a good job disguising this fact until the very end. There was nothing shady about him, he just seemed to be a boyfriend who had recently proposed to his girlfriend and seemed to grow further suspicious with how secretive Kirsten had been concerning her work and what she was really doing. He played the part perfectly, being understanding and patient to curious and growing impatient. Although there were points that seemed very strange, looking back on this episode, the casual pressure of her wanting to accept his proposal, to following her to an event to see what she was up to. But it seemed rather harmless at the time, since he did seem like a decent enough guy to have such curiosity, but it did seem very, well, slightly pushy. But overall, the show really did a nice job making Liam seem like a stand-up guy, just having Kirsten caught between keeping her job a secret and being honest with the guy she was seeing. Which is an understandable complication.

Kirsten herself was on the fence about the marriage proposal because, aside from being involved with the program, she needs to understand who she is and where she wants to go with her life. Marriage wouldn't solve anything but bring further complications into the relationship with the secrets and constantly lying. And even though it turned out Liam was too good to be true in the end, Maggie did have a point that, from their perspective, Kirsten was the one who was being untruthful in that relationship. She kept secrets from him, out of a necessity with the job requirement, but it wouldn't be fair to him (or anyone she would be with who didn't know what she did) and it would create more problems and rifts than necessary, further driving them away.

But now that we know there is something else happening with whoever Liam is working with, it makes me very curious. Why was getting Kirsten to marry him part of the plan? To always be close to her to get information when needed? Who is he working for? So many questions now, which all connects with Kirsten and her parents and the program.

Also, episodic-wise I really liked how they handled the concept of ESP and how Kirsten was able to tap into that. And how the concept of what some might deem as unexplained "mystical nonsense" as something that is just a different level of science.

I am worried about what is going to happen to Cameron, though.
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