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VMars: "Blast from the Past" Episode Review

The Case: The Two-Timing Bitchmiester, A Gullible Veronica, And Secrets Abound, Hurrah!

Apparently, this episode centered around basically of Wallace and Jackie (more on Wallace's personal issues, somewhat less on Jackie's inability to make nice, but nevertheless centered mainly on them). When the Bitchmeister (a.k.a. Jackie the Player) asked Veronica for help -- showing off her pitiful baby-face and sincerity to try and convince us all that she is truly a nice person underneath when, as reality hits, she just an all-around bitch that has major issues -- Veronica agrees in that reluctant way. It's a no-brainer that Jackie despises Veronica because Wallace hangs out with her all secretive-like (and for all us viewers out there, we know why. Hello, Jackie? They're BFF's!), and the same goes for Veronica, only she has a logical reason for disliking Jackie. She's trying to protect Wallace from becoming wrapped around Jackie's spoiled New Yorker finger. And I think that's why Jackie sees Veronica as a threat -- because they're two catty women with different intentions in mind. Catfight in the future, I do so predict this will happen.

Anyway, back to the plot of the case.

Credit card expired, Jackie is accusing her best (and only) friend at Neptune of stealing and using it without her permission, wants Veronica to help her out -- just your typical sob-story of the spoiled brat. Though the psychic storyline wasn't as exciting as it was advertised last week, but after learning that Jackie had set it all up to playfully humiliate Veronica in front of the entire Neptune community, it was made pretty clear how cruel this bitch can be. Even if she was fooling around. Better lock your doors and shut your windows at night, Jackie, because Veronica will fuck you over so bad you'll be seeing her face in your worst nightmares. Oh yes, the game is ON.

Credit card mystery is left unsolved. Chances are, Jackie's father cancelled it because seeing his frustration from that episode we were formally introduced to her character, he wasn't pleased with her attitude or with her in general. She's still the nasty New Yorker transfer that has yet to learn the ways of Neptune reputations.

The Bus Mystery and the Head-To-Head Sheriff Elections

Though it's completely morbid, I found Veronica discovering the explosions in the voicemail before the crash very intriguing. Distrubing, but very intriguing. Although there have been speculations about the sabatoging, tonight confirmed those theories as yes, the bus was indeed sabatoged -- by Curly, it's still unknown. But knowing Rob Thomas it'll probably be someone we already know yet are overlooking, just like with Aaron Echolls. I've worked up some theories about this, and shall continue those separately because they're....quite complicated.

Ah, Officer Fuckface (Deputy Lamb) is the douchebaggiest man alive, though in this race of competition in running for sheriff in Neptune there's no limitations to getting your way. I'm actually wondering why he hasn't gone down to the high school to check Veronica's locker lately, as he used to do so many times last season. Lamb used to have that smug smile on his face, now it's more of that viciousness of wanting desperately to win this election. Keith, while wanting to redeem his reputation and regain his social status in Neptune, is getting beaten down, hard and unjustly.

The bug hidden inside a bug was little thing Veronica did, especially when she's so supportive of her father. Awww! Though Keith finding out was a bit of a bummer; wonder what he'll say to Veronica in the next episode.

Relationships, Friendships, And Everything In-Between

Keith and Alicia -- The argument was hitting too close to home, for the both of them. Understandably, Alicia doesn't approve of Veronica's vast grown-up authoritiveness that's obviously could become an influence on Wallace. Whereas on Keith's side he wants Alicia to understand that while protecting him from the truth seemed like a great idea long ago, it was a senseless idea to postpone ever mentioning anything along the lines of paternity testing. If, over time, she could've mentioned something about Hank Fennel not being his biological father, the truth would've come simpler. However, this is not the case. I really like Keith and Alicia together, as I have stated before. They're so cute, and apparenly make each other happy -- in this certain case, not so much of happiness rather than unraveling the nasty truth.

Wallace and Real!Father Dude -- Painful as it was to see Wallace soak everything in about the mysteryman being his biological father and not having Alicia tell him anything about it prior to the encounter, it was even more painful as reality settled in with him. At first he was reluctant, confused, and didn't know which side to believe in anymore. But as Alicia tried to be protective of the information, the more Wallace gained on his Bio!Father's side. Does he seem like a potential threat, this mysteryman being his father? Could there be a secret lurking about? It's unsure -- but Wallace did run away from Neptune in the end with him, so there is something that Wallace needs to figure out. Poor boy.

Wallace and Jackie -- Bitch finally got told, as Wallace took the first plate and defended Veronica and their friendship even after their little fight. Good for him, hopefully he'll leave it this way and learn from his mistakes on just going for a girl that's attractive without seeing the bigger picture.

Wallace and Veronica -- I knew something was going to go awry with their friendship, especially with Jackie in the way. However with the current issue in his life, Wallace had a reason to blow up as he did -- Veronica misjudged him by leaving him be to deal with this alone. Hearing about his disappearanc and seeing him leave with his real father, there's no telling what will happen with him. I got all teary-eyed as Veronica mentioned, "I don't want to lose another friend...." speaking about losing Lilly, and if Wallace ever checks his messages while he's away, he'll understand what she means. Hopefully. I don't want this to be the deadend to their friendship. Their BFFs, for crying out loud! Though Wallace does need to figure out things for himself, take a breather. As does Veronica.

Jackie and Logan -- Even though I was cringing as they were dancing together at homecoming, I understood what Rob Thomas was showing here. They're definitely not getting together, for Logan is shacking up with Mrs. Laker!Casablancas in all its hotness and glory, however they're both bitter and a but unstable (i.e. Jackie and those pills and her obvious wonkiness that evening), so it seemed logical they would dance together in that sense. Oh, and I liked how Veronica was all "I'm gonna bust your neck if you're thinking about cheating on Wallace with the LEAST person on Earth I would want right now". Hee, that was fun!

Veronica and Duncan -- Still cute, still the high school sweethearts they are and with the cutness of their speechifying with each other! Awww! *swoon*

Yay for Backup! Yay for Mandy and Corny and other minor characters being resurrected in this episode! Whee!

Overall: Another enjoyable episode, though I was nearly sniffing in the end because, OMG! Wallace has left us -- for a little while, though. He'll be back, most definitely. And Veronica is going to have a worry-fit over this, I'm sure.

Only one disappointmet -- WHY ISN'T THERE A PREVIEW FOR THE NEXT EPISODE?! The next VMars is going to guest-star our beloved Joss Whedon, the almightiest of almighties. Why in all that is good postpone an episode, now of all times?? C'mon people!
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