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Bon Voyage, Jon!

Jon Stewart's last episode of The Daily Show premiered last Thursday, and I'm still kind of emotional about it. I knew the day would come ever since he announced his retirement from the show, I just didn't expect it so soon.

The Daily Show has always been a constant for many of us, and has been an important influence on many young people for seventeen years as Jon and his correspondents gave satirical coverage of current political and national news. He provided laughs, he also provided a much needed outlet for the outrageous and ridiculousness that happens in politics where he rants and spills truths about particular situations. This became quite important after 9/11 and the events that followed afterwards, and it's where it became universally acknowledged that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, a satire show on Comedy Central, was better at covering and giving commentary on current events than actual professional journalists and news networks were. He gave us something to look forward to, whenever something infuriating was happening in the news, most often political, we could always count on him to provide us much needed humor, especially during those years in the early-mid 00s. This was a time where social media didn't exist like it does today. I remember tuning into Jon during high school and being informed on some of the political nonsense that was happening, the elections were the biggest thing (we still have the Indecision 2004 DVDs and I remember the Rally to Restore Sanity in 2010) and it became quite a regular thing to stay tuned in. Even though I never quite kept with watching as the years went on, I still tuned in whenever I heard there was a particular guest or when I knew ahead of time what Jon would be covering and needing to see what amazing commentary he would be providing.

And it wasn't all political coverage that enticed us, of course. His lovely friendship with Stephen Colbert was something to draw many people, along with several other of the correspondents over the years. Seeing Jon and Stephen riff off each other, sometimes seeing them breaking character, was such a joy. When Stephen went off to his own show, The Colbert Report (RIP) that followed directly after The Daily Show, they continued to do little segments with each other. Let's all hope that he invites Jon when he takes over The Late Show later this year for more of that, if nothing else than just to see them being adorable together.

Overall, as sad as I am about this departure, I'm happy for Jon and all he's achieved from his work on the show and he will certainly be missed, and I wish him the best of luck for what the future brings him. ♥
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