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"Yes Sir, Capt'n Tightpants!"

++ Here are two new friending memes.

++ In preparation of the new Muppets show, this teaser with Miss Piggy and Nathan Fillion is both hilarious and absolutely perfect. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they had her and Kermit divorce, so she can shamelessly flirt with the male guests that will be appearing, lol.

++ Thanks to woodycakes for introducing me to Flesh and Bone, a new upcoming STARZ series. It's a ballet drama, but will be featuring a lot of the darker aspects of the dancing world, including the pressures, the personal hardships and decisions and will definitely be character-driven. Already when I saw it was about ballet and dancing, I was immediately drawn in, but then there's the added layer onto it that I'm intrigued by. I know most people are tired about having everything be "darker and grittier" in order to be seen as interesting or taken seriously, but with dancing, and especially with ballet, it's a subject that isn't necessarily taken to that level (besides with Black Swan) and I'm curious to see which direction this show will take with it. If nothing else, I'll be in this for the dancing aesthetic, naturally. Furthermore, this has one of the actors from Center Stage, who honestly hasn't aged at all.
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