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R.I.P., Wes Craven.

Wes Craven passed away yesterday.

As a lover of horror, I've been a huge fan of his work, with the A Nightmare On Elm Street and Scream franchises being my absolute favorites. Wes Craven was quite a legendary writer and filmmaker in his own right, creating such cult features like The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House On The Left, and he managed to not only capture the essence of but also reinvented, redefined and just in general made a tremendous impact on the horror genre. He created some of the most iconic figures in horror, such as Freddy Kreuger and Ghostface. He brought us some amazing women heroines such as Nancy Thompson and Sidney Prescott, both who weren't mere helpless victims but who were intelligent and resourceful, who showed vulnerability but were still powerful and strong in their own right. Something I deeply admired when watching those films for the first time. Seeing young, female protagonists outsmarting the main villains for once, that left a huge impression on me at a young age. Overall, I genuinely really loved his work, so hearing the news was quite devastating.

We lost not just someone so influential to modern horror cinema, we also lost an amazing human being who had a brilliant mind. Rest in peace, Wes.
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