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Hey, I wanna rule my world.

++ Hello to everyone from the new LJ friending meme!

++ I've been dealing with some personal things lately, some of it has taken a toll on me emotionally and psychologically. So if I haven't been around lately it's because of me trying to sort out my own thoughts and just needing time to myself. I try to distract myself with fandom and fannish interests, which is always my escape, and while it does help a little it's not always the guaranteed cure. Once I have things all sorted out, at least with myself on that front, I'll be back with posting on the regular as I have been.

++ Geeks Who Drink is a non-fiction show on Syfy, hosted by Zach Levi, which is essentially a competitive quiz-like show where two teams have to answer questions all relating to geeky and nerdy pop culture. And drinking alcohol. It's one of those shows that tests the knowledge of the contestants on various topics, only this time it's anything and everything related to fandom. It's really fun and entertaining to watch, and it really makes you want to participate because you know all the answers (which is always the case with these kinds of quiz competition shows, eh?) thus realizing just how fandom nerdy and savvy you actually are. Also, I tend to really like these string of shows on where it's all in good fun and nothing is totally serious. Things like Lip Sync Battle or @Midnight, just things to laugh and have a good time with.

++ So, um, I've been watching BBC's Robin Hood, mostly skipping through to seeing Guy of Gisborne's scenes because let's face it, Richard Armitage is the only reason why I am watching this in the first place. The show itself is utterly ridiculous and totally campy, but I was warned about that so it was to be expected. There are some entertaining moments here and there, but overall the show isn't exactly the best. But again, I'm only here for Richard/Guy, with his smirks and guyliner and leather and being constantly tied up. Yes. (◠‿◠✿)
Tags: richard armitage, rl on the dl, television
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