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Window of opportunity.

Viola Davis winning and providing a beautiful, powerful speech at the Emmys was truly the most and only remarkable thing to come out from the event. I know many were disappointed that Tatiana didn't win, but let's be real, Tatiana was up against some major competition and honestly it's kind of like placing your favorites against each other and deciding who is more deserving. Both Viola and Tatiana are incredibly talented women in their own right and deserve recognition for their work, even the fact that they're nominated means so much, especially in Tatiana's case where it was a miracle she was recognized at all at this event especially for a little genre show that probably nobody at the academy knew or cared about until very recently. But since it's been 67 years since a WOC won such an award, Viola certainly was more than deserving of this moment. She has been very vocal about racism in the industry, and the fact that she made history with this speaks volumes, which hopefully will become a huge step in the right direction.

Similarly, Lilly Singh, one of my favorite YouTubers, won at the Streamy Awards the other night as well, providing a fantastic bookend to her speech which she further elaborates on in her vlog, before and after the event. Just seeing these amazing women getting the proper recognition and opportunity in a positive light is phenomenal to me. ♥
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