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Happy Octoberween

October is here.

Not just the month of my birthday, but also the month of Halloween, one of my favorite holidays next to Christmas. So I figure, why not have a meme?

What's your favorite Halloween memory?
I remember during my pre-teen years I was trick-or-treating with some relatives and I was dressed as a combination of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Darling from Clarissa Explains It All (just to give you an idea what I was into during that time). One of my cousins was dressed as Ghostface and had a device where once you clicked it "blood" would drip down the mask. This was also the Halloween where I was introduced to I Know What You Did Last Summer, which, along with its sequel later, was a movie I became obsessed with.

Have you ever had a Halloween party?
I've never had one hosted, but I've been at least to one Halloween-themed party. I think it was during junior high and one of my best friends was having one. I can't remember much about it other than it was during a weekend afternoon and it wasn't actually on Halloween, and it was pretty much similar to a slumber party just without the sleepover aspect.

Describe your dream Halloween party.
My ideal party would be something completely elaborate, like floor to ceiling decorations, the outside just as decorated as well. I'm torn on having it be haunted house themed, whether it's a maze to get to the party or have the entire party itself be the haunted house, or just have there be no theme and just it be Halloween generic. I've also gone back and forth between whether I would want this to be an indoor party or an outside party. Indoor would get too crowded and claustraphobic even for me, while outside might really depend on weather conditions, unless we have it underneath a giant tent or something.

Describe your dream Halloween costume.
Something as elaborate as the most detailed cosplay outfit ever, basically.

Do you prefer the fun, dressing up and acting silly side of Halloween, or the spooky and supernatural aspect?
I love both aspects, actually! I love pretty much everything about Halloween, it's similar to Christmas in a way with the atmosphere and the mood that I get really excited about. The only thing I can't stand are the mean-spirited pranks people do. There is something about this day that makes certain people ant to be assholes, and I don't like or tolerate that.

At what time of year do you get excited for Halloween?
Anytime? Though pretty much whenever it gets closer to the actual month of October is when I start getting excited about Halloween.

Do you have any favourite Halloween foods?
All the special chocolates that appear. I love seeing the different varieties at stores and what you can get in bulk. Otherwise, there aren't any specific Halloween-esque meals or foods. It's all about the candy. Right now I've been digging the triple chocolate Kit-Kats, which I remember being a thing a long time ago but it was limited, and now it's back! So I'm very happy about that.

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how?
Here's the thing, we never quite celebrated Halloween when I was growing up. There were several occasions where we did go treat-or-treating, like the occasion I mentioned above, but it wasn't a common occurrence. So nowadays, feeling slightly deprived of some of the Halloween fun that other kids had (and being conditioned through media on how the day is supposed to be celebrated), I do dress up, if more casually than others do with their fully decked out costumes, and I end up pretty much getting into the spirit in that way. Once I get my own place, I plan on going all out, including decorating the house, but inside and outside.

Trick or Treat?!
Treat, with a side of non-harmful tricks.

What's your favorite scary movie?
Ah, too many. I love scary movies. I think in terms of franchises, Scream and A Nightmare On Elm Street are my absolute favorites. I have rewatched them so many times. With individual films, I like anything that is very psychological and gets underneath your skin long after watching it. For Halloween specific, definitely Trick R Treat. Though honestly, I can go on forever about horror movies and which ones I love.

Do you have any Halloween traditions?
I dedicate the entire month of October to watching my favorite horror movies, along with getting introduced to newer ones, and on Halloween me and my sister have a tradition where we end up watching a non-scary Halloween-themed movie, like Hocus Pocus for example, and eating either pizza or junk food that we have bought for ourselves to binge on.

Even though I've not been impressed with the show lately, American Horror Story still does the most amazing title sequences. It's perhaps the only good thing despite the mediocrity of the show at times. I haven't been that interested in the new seasons, not since the first and third season (with the third starting off strong but ended up being kind of a disappointment, imho), though I may end up checking the season out once its finished and if it's been getting a positive reaction from others. I know some people that think having Lady Gaga featured this season is a gimmick, and it may very well be (this is Ryan Murphy after all, remember Glee and all its celebrity guest stars?), but seeing the promotional material she does seem to fit right in with the theme, and I am honestly curious as to what her character is about.

I'm also going to be seeing Crimson Peak since it does come out on my birthday. It's both because it's a Guillermo del Toro film (gorgeous in both the scenery and the costumes and guaranteed to possibly have a gorgeous and terrifying story as well) and also because I am test-watching it for my sister, who doesn't like scary movies but wants to watch it for Hiddleston yet wants me to tell her how prepared she must be for it. I may even have to watch it a second time so I can warn her about when the jump scares happen. Heh.
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